Life Manual

Life is better handled, prepared.

Pray for me



I don’t know on what measures my life is moving, I
don’t have any motivation (this being the reason for
my not studying). All of my day is spent in
daydreaming schemes about doing this and that and that
and this and so on.,”andaaza kariyay” keh my
motivation is so low that I am not even motivated
enough to enact upon my dreams!

Any person willing to motivate me? At least till the
examinations, the rest of the period of my life can
drag along.

Oh yeah! I’d like to point out!

[{Q:What is the most important factor of a good
A:My answer is not the camera but the photographer.

(It’s not the camera that clicks itself on seeing a
subject; it’s the photographer that made it click. The
camera just takes care of the quality  of the
image,not the angle, not the lighting. A subject will
look the same with 10 brands of cameras, but a subject
will look different if 10 different photographers take
a picture of the same subject.)
Thankyou for reading this useless Q&A.}]

Dear Readers please pray for me                                                    ”May God give Hani the light to do something. “

Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Pray for me

  1. :), I liked your perspective…keep your chin up, something extrordinary is probably around the corner!

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