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Warning: If you have eaten anything within the past 2 hours, please come back after your food has been digested, the next few lines might force you to puke.

I had a shawarma couple of days back. That shawarma was from one from the best shawarmas available in Qatar and I’ve eaten it a lot before. So what was so special about it that day?

That shawarma was special because it smelled like a sewer, as if the contents of it were washed with sewer water (we never know), but it tasted great as always. That day I said to myself I am never going to have that shawarma again but now I know that I will eat it again and I guess I will continue eating it until I get all dark brown in color and start crawling instead of walking and grow two large feelers over my head.

I am waiting for to resurface soon, all depends on my friend whose the owner/designer/maintainer of the website. I was quite familiar with the functionality of that blog and I now miss being functionally flexible. None of my friends know of this blog compared to everyone knowing about the other blog, in case, the old blog doesn’t resurace, I hope one day my friends will discover this blog by themselves.


Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “Sewer-ma

  1. eww…i can’t believe you ate that..

  2. It tastes yummy!If you knew what it tasted like,Iam sure you would’ve eaten it too.

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