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A haircut had been long pending for me to take since long ago. I never got the right urge to go last week but I went yesterday and got it done.
I am 50% of a child when it comes to getting a haircut.Children don’t like to go for haircuts, that’s my 50%.
Also, spending money on a haircut is what I consider overspending. Even though, it’s very cost effective, I make a haircut last with me for a month, whereas I can easily spend twice that amount on one meal in a day.
Now a days the traffic police is in full alert in Qatar, checking violators of traffic laws, the most violations: Failure to use seat belts.
The amount of the fines are accounting up in thousands. Makes me wish (keh chaalees, pachaas, police stations he khol lay banda,acha business ho ga)
I am feeling very sleepy, it happens every morning, sleep uses its full force to make my eyelids rest for a while. If it weren’t for writing this blog, I’d be in dreamland.

Aren’t we forgetting something?

The other 50%, perhaps? Is that, I don’t cry when I am taking a haircut. 😀


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