Life Manual

Life is better handled, prepared.



The Destructor Of Creation.


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Concret(e)r

  1. nice picture yet again
    i like tractors, as soon as i get my licencse, i wanna try dariving one.

    If i can just ask you to check ou this song called Jhoot by The Rising.

    you might like it and reply at

    Rise with The Rising on orkut @…spx? cmm=3880056

    thanks and if you like it, spread the word.

  2. You want to plough fields or something???

    Might take me sometime to check out the track but I will surely check it out.

  3. it will be fun to be a farmer wont it?

    ps: how did u find the song?

  4. Being a farmer isn’t actually going to be fun,but it is clearly a different career prospect.
    I found on the main page of pakmedia revolution,but didn’t download it.After exams..

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