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Name:Hani Arif
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Myopic
I was going through the pictures in my pc and realized
one thing that over 90% of the pictures in my PC are
of my own self and I was to myself: So many pictures
of myself!! (Actually, I was like, meri itni zyada
tasveerain). And I thought to myself, “no more!” So,
it came to light that I was my own favorite SUBJECT.Somewhat like,
Iam being paid to shoot myself.

If you have read my previous emotional post, and after
that if you read the comments, you’d have noticed one
thing, that my emotion ran wild and bumped into the
heart of someone called a spammer and I got 11 out of
10 comments from Mr.Spammer. Wow dude, am impressed
you really LOVE me and you really make me HAPPY! You
make me so happy that I want to bust up my own blog!
And then laugh about it!
Funny thing is that I can’t even delete those
The Exams Excuse ain’t doing any good. I still blog
every other day.
Maybe if no one was reading my blogs and no there were
no comments, I would not be writing frequently. But
how can that be? Mr.Spammer won’t let that happen. He
has to make me write because he is such a big fan of
mine, such a big FAN of mine!
Sadaf, mars…. you’d know exactly what I mean! (since
you two are the only real people who read my blog).
But think about this, who else in this beautiful blog
community has a fanatic fan like I do? Puts all others
to shame!!

Author: Hani

Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

7 thoughts on “Friends?

  1. hehe..thats the spirit Hani! 🙂 I want a fanatic fan too…

  2. Well,you haven’t got a fanatic one but a little fan in me!
    Fanatic fans are just limited to a few priviliged ones 🙂

  3. i feel so under-loved.
    i want spam too

  4. Sadaf:oh! iam sorry for this….you’ll are loved 🙂 i can assure you.

  5. you’re loved,not you’ll loved,i created a new word!

  6. aww..thank you..i’ll be content with a fan for now.. 🙂 …

  7. hey sadaf,you got a fanatic fan too,welcome to the club!
    mars,i guess you have only me to be contented with(and a few others).

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