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Here are two interesting miniature conversations I had .

Mr.N called at the store (on a landline) .

Mr.N:hello,How are you?
Hani:Iam fine
Mr.N:Where are you?
Hani:Iam at the place you called me!

Two customers come whom I’ll call customer A and customer B and me

Customer A:how much is this shoe for?
CustomerA:and this one?
Customer A:how much is this?
(all this while the customer is releasing air from his mouth,symbolizing costliness)
Customer A: And how much is this?
Customer A to Customer B:350 is his favourite number.
Hani: My favorite number is 1 million US dollars.

Dad,customer and me.

Dad to customer:On what date do you get paid?
Customer:29th of each month.
Hani: Does that mean you don’t get paid in February?


Author: Hani

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3 thoughts on “Coversations

  1. make that 3 conversations that I had.

  2. lol… I have had a Mr.N incident too! 😛

  3. i keep having it,yesterday I had it with mr.M.

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