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This post contains

1.A story containing a bang   2.A new word    3.A prediction

1.A story containing a bang.
This is to signify Natures Sense of Humor.
In my second last post where I wrote as a comment that
"I'd be back with a BANG insha'allah"
that very night as I was driving, some guy who was not
focusing on his driving banged his car into mine, and
my own words reverberated in my head. May,I have not
been so sure of being back with a bang, may the car would still be without a bang.

2. A new word
Derived from the word flunk (which is such a new
word), flunky exactly means a person who flunks or had
flunked.(and I say it to be a new word because as I
haven't heard or seen it anywhere before).
The exam season has made me come out with this words
as I so not wanted to be called flunky, what would be
more appropriate in this regard is that I didn't want
to call myself a flunky (since no one else around me
uses the word).
The word flunky can also me used as a synonym for a LOSER.

For a detailed note on the process of my exam taking.
Tune in to piggsee and my article over there,
entitled. Break-up.


The prediction is that a big country is going to term
Hurricane Rita and Katrina as :
Being from the same religion as Osama Bin Laden and who are American citizens of South East Asian origin and they studied in a madrassa before unleashing their terror.
Assumption: This prediction rings true only if that Government has a pea for a brain.

Dingle Days: Coming soon to a computer screen in front
of you.

Author: Hani

Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

8 thoughts on “Done.

  1. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. flunky? heh…try using that in your english exam 😛
    lol. interesting prediction, considering that they dont even have peas for brains, there is a chance that it just might come true 😛

  3. forget the principal,I’ll become the owner of oxford dictionary,put my own words in it and make the paper and check it myself.

  4. welcome back you!…check out ( i believe that is what the address is)..perhaps the slang defination of flunky is there..

  5. thankyou mars..yes the word is there in,and you know what it means,maryam, I can use it in the english paper and not get my marks cut without being owner of the oxford dictionary..hahahaha

  6. I dont know if you are using your money or your parents money to go to school, I wonder what they feel about the word “flunky”.

  7. i like flunky
    the word
    not its implication

    aur pata hai after each exam, one feels the same magar things arent always as we see them.

    inshAllah all will be well(yes that is coming from an eternal pessimist)
    but still

    and oh welcome backk sirr!!!

  8. Passion:Iam not using my own money,because I don’t have a job,and Iam not using my parents money either,Iam “utilizing” it.
    They would feel like any other parent would about the world flunky.

    and sadaf jee…thankyou jee!–>

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