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Any one listening?


Before I continue today, I would like to mention that when I made my previous post I didn’t know that countries other than Pakistan were affected, I would like to extend my wishes of well-being to them as well.

Zalzala aaya , logon nay aik duusary ki madad bhi kee aur kar rahey hain.Bari achi baat hai.

Laikin yeh ehsaas baaqi dinon kahan hota hai,mein yeh manta hoon keh hum sab mein pyaar toh bara hai, laikin jalan bhi bohot hai. Mera eshara uss taraf hai keh jab hum aik doosaray ko daikhain,toh uper say neechay aur phir neechay say uper kai dafa’a daikhtey hain, keh yeh koun hai aur yeh kahan say aaya? Mein doosri qoumon ko aur doosrey mulk kay logon ko daikhta hun to hairat hotee hai un ka ittefaq daikh kar,hum kiyon nahin aisey ho saktay, hum aik doosrey ko kiyon chubhtey hain? Aik doosrey kee taraqqi say kiyon jaltey hain?

Hum kab sudhrain gain? Jab poori tarha barbaad ho jaein gay?Jab bohot dair ho jaye gee?

There is hope…if we help each other in need,if there is an underlying feeling of love, why not bring it out for everyday living?



Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Any one listening?

  1. agreed. but its still nice to see that people are wiling to come together in the face of a tragedy, and help out as much as they can. Makes you belive there is still hope left for us.

  2. Yes,that’s THE only hope,but we should never forget a golden rule taught to us by Islam and applied by out forefathers:
    “ittefaq mein barkat hai”

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