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We are loved.


Pakistan is such a lovely country that a human feeling called love amasses in Nature in tons unquantifiable, which, it showers on us. I refer here to the “aftershocks” which are still prevalent within the country. All parts of the country being affected still. Nature is not able to prevent itself.

Other side of the Coin:

This love is one-sided though.The people being affected are not in love with it.There are people who cannot go to sleep because of this love, there is a limit to almost everything, when this limit is crossed,”the benefits” get a beating from the adverse effects.

3rd side of the coin:

Malthus, an economist, realted the natural disasters such as earthquakes,famines. Malthus said,that when population is more than the resources,Nature punishes.This sounds possible at one end and at the other end sounds like the absurd-est thing to hear.

but from this I would like to say that over-population is not a joke and not to be lightly taken.

Ending Message: May Allah spare all of us from such unexpected love-showering.


Author: Hani

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8 thoughts on “We are loved.

  1. i agree fullyy…

  2. to each and everything?..that’s good.

  3. When population is more than the resources, Nature punishes.

    Absurd …. Then why is china always ignored? šŸ™‚

    By the way … i never heard about a three dimentional coin. (just kidding.)

  4. what green head said šŸ˜›
    but yea, we dont need another another natural clamity.

  5. GreenHead:”This sounds possible at one end and at the other end sounds like the absurd-est thing to hear” is what I said.
    You ate part of my sentence ,are you a journalist?:P
    Anyway,China isn’t spared,China has a history of floods,besides China has put a control on it’s population.

    Maryam:No one needs a natural disaster,and we certainly don’t.

  6. koi shak bor…tell tell..

  7. Mohsin:nahin koi shak nahin

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