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Verification for Nothing


Dingle Days isn’t a daily or weekly thing. It occurs randomly when the idea comes alive. Saying that, the Dingle Days post was due, but since the earthquake happened I don’t feel it justified to be posting it, justified to the earthquake sufferers. So no more Dingle Days until I am satisfied on the earthquake front.

There are some questions like general statements which I would like to ask. Some serious and the others, non-serious. They will be in place under the heading,” Why”?

Ramadan is almost half over and it was hardly noticeable for us enjoying creature comforts. Yet we are the people who complain about the striving but this Ramadan we’ll all be quiet and we know why.


Britain’s richest man Lakshmi Mittal has announced that he will rebuild an entire area affected by Hurricane Katrina. A good deed but the worlds biggest economy doesn’t need such philanthropic contributions when there is a developing country requiring the same.


Miscellaneous News: Saudi Arabia has okay-ed a Cinema. Although it will just show cartoons and will be open for children and women only. Does this mean Progress?



Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Verification for Nothing

  1. @ cinema

    WEll it is not the progress. It is all about providing a facility and an opportunity of entertainment for public. And soon u will see them allowing films in cinemas.

    In Saudia there are many parks that are only for women and children. And now these cinemas! This thing has reminded me of the situations when my fahter had to stay outside the park with many others, waiting for the bachaa party to come out 🙂 And that bachaa party was always found saying ‘bus thori dair ore!’

  2. The word Progress appears in a sarcastic nature.
    Them allowing movies is just an after event for sure.
    Yes even in malls a couple of days in a week are women only.
    “baicharey Daddys”

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