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Life is better handled, prepared.

Lesson 1: Indecency


Bollywood says “bare and dare” is just a temporary thing but whom are they fooling? Due to Bollywood having reached international markets they have to
appeal to the taste of the international viewers andthey have to fall upon the standards of the movies made in the international markets.
Why am I ranting about international markets, internationalmarkets? Forget it.
Hollywood is an open house full of vulgarity. There is so much immorality in the life of celebrities in Hollywood that we can’t expect them to make movies
that are clean and moral. Their lifestyle is corrupted due to to being perverted.With movie titles andplots like that of Unfaithful etc,do they teach us a lesson or two in morality?
Hollywood expertise of camera angles and editing are so good that indeed the shots turn out tempting. I didn’t think properly and didn’t see the sense when
people used to say that the violence and other things in the movies corrupt the minds of the kids. But lately, I’ve been thinking more on the levels of a
third person, a person who is not in the situation and who thinks of it in an unbiased manner. They make new movies and introduce new concepts in
immorality; bollywood actresses now shifting to
Hollywood would one day be doing all that the Hollywood actresses are doing now. Bare it all. Hence we will see bollywood movies replicating
Hollywood movies (which they already do) and the actresses’ shedding clothes in both the Woods. Storytelling in Hollywood has an anomaly in the form of
lovemaking scenes, mirroring a westerners’ view of the songs in South East Asian movies (useless).
How are we going to be affected? By Lollywood actresses moving to Bollywood, get the full Bermuda triangle?
Mass kharab hona of minds is inevitable.

This brings me to another topic that is of the “joke” that marriages among Hollywood celebrities are, when you are engaged in fornication why are you getting married? That is not to say that marriage is just”copulation”. But that’s what seems to be happening in the life of the STARS. Istima’al karo aur phaink maro.
Use and throw. Tired of your partner? Nothing new inthe relationship? The answer is simple, kick the old one and get a new one. We see history, couples you
thought that would never split, DEMI-BRUCE,TOM-NICOLE, going down the drains. When the relationships on Hollywood don’t work and it is proven too, then
why marry?
How many times has the same actor fallen for each co-star while shooting for different movies? Well if you wouldn’t have body/lips sharing scenes in the
movies, the actors won’t grow fond of the others features and according to them fall in “love”. These are the very people who splatter mud on the divinity
of LOVE and reduce it to mere lovemaking, forcing the watchers to think on the same lines.

Before I stop for today, I would like to say one morething, which is that I am using a lot of “that is not to say” and I am not feeling good about it.


Author: Hani

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6 thoughts on “Lesson 1: Indecency

  1. agreed. films are highly influential and they dont teach much good. most of them anyways. iam not a big bollywood fan, i havnt seen much of it. but the stuff i have seen already seems to be moving in the directin you have mentioned. Violence, sex etc are looked upon as forms of entertainment and selling points. thats where we have gone wrong.

  2. If this is the condition of movies now
    what does the near future hold?
    How rotten minded will the next generation turn out to be?

  3. well hani the near future looks not so bright for the industry…..i think if they can find a way to go beyound that they will or find a new form of doing it they will do that too trust me….and about the rotten generation…well turned out which i see its bad or should say worse…

  4. i forgot to mention one morething….the sentence u said alot…”that is not to say” u r right iam not feeling good about it either…so stop saying it.

  5. At the moment they don’t need to find ways and will keep getting ways automatically thanks to an infamous friend of theirs namely Satan.

    I will try my best to stop saying “that is not to say”.

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