Life Manual

Life is better handled, prepared.

Choose decisively


Factors determining A CHOICE:
– Upbringing Environment
– Factors in play in a situation
Factors in play limit the choice a person has
The Environment in which you are brought up develops
thinking and the ability to assess a situation.

Who is the judge?

Now, who sets the standards for a choice to differ
between good and bad?

We are making the choices depending upon the above
said factors, should I say we were brought up to think
in such a way?
Do we blame ourselves for the choices we make?

I think the biggest question is whether I can be a
(Hehehehe , didn’t see that coming , did you?)

Next Dingle Days strip will be out soon, as I feel
much better after watching some TV and reading fellow
bloggers posts as they less focus on what happened, the heap of the earthquake is settling and things are going back to normal.

My Flickr account exists, so what? Not enough photos, is the problem. I will be reviving my camera, take 3 or 4 new photos transfer them to my Flickr account and
will officially be launching it before Ramadan end.


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Choose decisively

  1. hmm… I think you are thinking outloud…I can say that standards are usually accepted by a majority; hence the majority defines good or bad. I think one should definately take responsibility for their actions..ponder on..

    Can’t wait to see your fotographia..and the upcoming Dingle Days..the earthquake took its toll on just about everyone..

  2. but should one take complete responsibility for their choices?
    The actions are the out come of choices but choices always aren’t self controlled.

    Photography will initially be limited to a few pictures and the next dingle days might be a bit mediocre.

    Thankyou for your anticipation!

  3. Yes, we do blame ourselves for choices that we make in our life, only if we feel that the things are not going in the right direction. And sometimes there again, ‘current factors [CF]’ play a vital role. And just because of these CF we can’t completely hold ourselves responsible. Confusing??

    By the way, to become a psychologist is a matter of choice?

  4. pretty sensible..greenhead
    It does add to the point put forward by me.
    Being a psychologist is a matter of choice but not necessarily ours.

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