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Melodic Encounters


Here I list three songs that I feel are the best tracks done by signed artists in Pakistan.
Best, I say,in terms of ever greenery.(Listen to them anytime and bask in melody)
To be more pin pointy I would say three ballads (if they classify under this category).
Funnily or co-incidentally all three are songs made by bands.

Aitebaar-Vital Signs

Na Kaho-Aaroh

Manwa Re-Noori

I doubt, Aitebaar will ever be contested because it appears in almost everyones lists(or minds) when the questions of all time favourite shows up.

Happy Listening.


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Melodic Encounters

  1. Aitibaar ki to kia hi baat hay!
    Evergreen song! Thanks for passing by and posting a comment.

    Eid Mubarak to u as well.

    And about flicker account pics. there is a pic named as ‘exercise’. Next time whenever u go out to shop for a bed … keep in mind that u have to buy a 7×4 rather than buying a 4×7 . LOLZ. only this way, u can avoid exerise. *GH Smiles Meaningfully*

  2. I think I’ll be doing 7×5 even with the 7×4.Alas exercise dosen’t leave me alone …WAAH WAAH! I want to remain a fatty.
    Hey GreenO ,I liked the traffic signal better.

  3. well just for change man @
    T signal.

    Have u made changes in ur profile recently? *wags finger*

  4. This post has been removed by the author.

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