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WAR: Wages of Rages


One of the worst things that could happen to a country
is to be at/in a war.

Instance No.1: Fighting

The country’s link with the outside world is cut,
economy takes a dive in the deepest ocean, the gloomy
atmosphere, the barrenness, the danger on ones life.

Instance No.2: Surrendering

The occupation forces take over the country and the
soldiers are stationed with in the defeated country.
The soldiers being the relative regulatory force is
free to do anything,
Exploitation of local men, women and children. One
implied rule that comes up here is “ follow the orders
of the soldiers or face death.”

Let us pray together that the armies of all the
countries surrender to themselves and forget the
concept of war. Why can’t all the countries follow the
Scandinavian countries routes? When was the last time
you heard that the Norwegian army planned to do some

All the countries should sign a pact that they will
never go into war ever again. Armies should become
non-existent. With all the money saved on the military
upkeep the money could be effectively utilized in the
economies and its no ones guess how the economies of
the world will grow.

So, what if one country decides to hide its army and
train it secretly. And when all the armies become
non-existent, the hiding army comes out and starts to
take over the world. What then?
Easy….all the countries should jointly tear the hiding
army into bits. A good lesson for everyone it will be.

Bryan Adams is scheduled to be in Qatar on November
16th to perform for a charity event. With a concert to be
held in February next year.
The charity is to help the poor Asian countries. Also
Tsunami appears into the context of the charity event.
The world is still coming in to help the Tsunami
victims, what about the earthquake victims? The ones
with the more pressing need for help. Sometimes I
wonder if we had a name for the Earthquake we would
get more relief Like HiLADIA Earthquake.

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Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “WAR: Wages of Rages

  1. hani..tum army mein bharti ho kay..khud ko marwa lay!

  2. hiladiya earthquake…heh
    brian adams…hmm, my bestfriend is prolly gonna start shouting, “why cant he come here!” when she hears this!

  3. I don’t know how the prices for the concert will be maryam.
    You can grasp hold of her or make her more envious depending upon high or low prices of the tickets respectively.

  4. but if there are no more armies left in the world, how will they combat the secret-hiding army?

  5. The population of the rest of the world will wage war!

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