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Life is better handled, prepared.

Is it so?




The munchkins which dunkin ds sell at their outlets are not separately prepared but, is that residue dough that results from making a hole in a donut.


Is it really so?


Author: Hani

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8 thoughts on “Is it so?

  1. yes you are right, but still not sure!

  2. yes yes it is true. it’s even written on the munchkins box. 🙂 smart aren’t they?

    now will someone please tell me if KFC uses real chicken? LOL!

  3. the doubt is not about the chickens being real or not ,the doubt is whether the chickens are really from kentucky!!

  4. NO NO NO … Chickens are from eggs !!!! hee hee hee

    *Runs away*

  5. C0me back here

    You are wrong greeno

    Eggs are from chickens..

    (I won! Self-proclaimed winner)

  6. no i dont think so
    umm i dont like dunkin donuts.

    oh and the black skin is my old skin from when i started blogging, it seems so ‘mine’.

  7. you probably like krispy kreme..
    Canada has a lot of donut places…

  8. A person asked from Sardar jee:
    “Pehlay Murgi ya Pehlay Anda?”
    Sardar replied laughing: O jii jis ka oreder pehlay do gay … wo pehlay aey ga na !

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