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This is a repetitive post in the sense that some of the points I’ve repeated before, sort of like an old product in new packaging but this time also with a free toy.

There was a time when my parents used to ask me whether I wanted to go to Pakistan and I used to say no I want to go to Dubai but for the past couple of years the two places have traded places. And after spending one month in Pakistan this year I can clearly say one thing. I will not miss any opportunity to go to Pakistan from now on.

Having quite some readers from Lahore I want to ask why the pedestrians don’t walk on the pavement but on the road. I didn’t notice it in other cities maybe because I never walked so much except in Lahore.

Lahore was great; I got to ride on a bike most of the time. I got wet in the rain.
I got wet in the rain on the bike and other possibilities with the bike etc etc.To clarify, I was only a passenger. My uncles were the ones in control on the bike.

Places to fill ones belly those which I went to in Lahore: (not in alphabetical order).



Chicago Grill

One Potato Two Potato

Pizza Hut

Lahore Broast

Rab Rakha

Hot Fusion (if that’s how it’s spelled)

Dunkin Donuts

Chamans (x3)

Some qulfa place



So ate with my hearts content except at Rab Rakha, but nothing happened to me in Lahore. Next time I go I want to try lots of places more.

It was hot but it was great.


I remembered Lahore in this post and coincidentally a book is to be launched in Lahore

Titled Beloved City: writings on Lahore… (Pure coincidence)

If you want the book keep two names in your mind: Oxford University press and CrowEaters Gallery.

Next Post:Dingle Days


Author: Hani

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3 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. Oh man you are too funny … new packing for an old thing with a free toy! Do u have intensions to do masters in something like Business? LOLZ.

    Lahore main ppl don’t walk on footpaths. Reasons ?

    1) There must be a footpath
    2) Majority of places don’t have them, so ppl normally don’t bother to walk on them even in the areas where they find them.
    3) Footpaths are occupied by shopkeeprs / roadside sellers.

    Dingle Days ! Are these your own ideas? I really appreciate these posts.

    Thanks for tagging … Now i have to fill 2 tags in a row!

  2. u and greeney are funny peepals.
    dude, lets maka joint business, we can tiumph in this evil capitalist world.
    woo hooo

    and yay for dingle days.
    its like your trademark thingy. me likes.

  3. Greeno…Thanks for the positive input.WEll yes,I do have a plan to do my MBA,after by BBA that is.

    I’ll take your 2nd reason as the right one.Although I pretty much like your 1st.

    Yes,Dingle Days is my very own strip,with my own ideas.Thanks for the appreciation.

    No problem for the tagging,you are quite funny yourself.

    What do you think of sadafs business proposal(partnership)??

    and Sadaf:Thankyou for liking Dingle Days.

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