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Mirrored Envy


Everyone is jealous of it.

There is a direct relationship between the development of Pakistan (and eventually its people) and some countries dislike for it. More development means more dislike forwarded towards (the people of) Pakistan. THEY can’t see a country like Pakistan developing and mastermind the hindrances to Pakistan’s development. The country has been indebted by foreign loans (sweetly named as financial aid) and the loans are so much in amount as to keep Pakistan in debt forever. How?
Pakistan needs to pay more than four billion US dollars in loans; the interest of the loans gives the amount to be paid a hamster wheel effect. With what Pakistan earns, it is only capable (or not even that) to just pay the interest that has amounted on the loans.Ok, one year over, the interest paid …* abracadabra*… the result of not paying anything on the original amount makes the interest re-appear and then Pakistan will be paying the interest again the next year too and so forth.

Very-so-not cool.

Insult to Injury.

The mastermind(s) of the 9/11 attacks were very clever. The execution and consequences in front of them, they enacted. Giving heavy trouble to the Muslims.Now, how does this relate to the situation of Pakistan?
With restrictions placed on geographical movement of Muslims, country by country the list of next-to-total movement barring countries is becoming longer. That means what?
That Muslims who want to immigrate (Pakistan being an Islamic country) would not be able to do so easily resulting in stagnation of economy due to the lack to foreign currency that could have been earned by remittances done from overseas.

What Can Be Done?

All it takes is 5 billionaires to donate one billion each.
The debt is gone. The remainder is infused into developing the infrastructure of the country. The big MNCs’ earn much more than this in one financial quarter.
The establishing of a foreign headquarters for a particular region can be easily delayed into the next year. With the HQs the only people who will have a direct impact are the people that are working or going to work for it, they still can benefit the next year. But in the other case, all of the country will benefit. Compare a few thousand to hundreds of thousands….think rich fellows think…It can be done, it really is as simple as that.A 1, a 2, a 3, a 4 and a 5 ,as simple as that.

I will consider it enough proof that Pakistan has some friends in its road to development.

p.s: Pakistanis are so enviable that even fellow compatriots envy each other, they envy the wealth, they envy the style, they envy the residence and what not ….

Ain’t I so right?



My Tribute to Vital Signs

I felt I didn’t give full justice to explain why Vital Signs didn’t bring about the biggest change in the Music Industry in Pakistan; hence I am posting a whole entry in this regard.
It was the 80’s dudes. A guitar would have been scarcer in Pakistan than water is in Balochistan now (and this isn’t a joke!).Obviously, the parental sentiments were leaning away from such acts of noise and “marasi-pun” that was the much highlighted point of Vital Signs, that they completely changed parents’ perception of people playing music.
They were the good guys. Nice clean image, non-shushkali lyrics, a certain maturity in tunes and sound.
My fanaticism for Vital Signs remained up until the third album, after that my taste got a little divergent and I began to listen to some other stuff. And I think Junaid put up a solo album before Hum Tum which got going my liking for Vital Signs a little shaky. But Junaid came back with Us Rah Par and gained a lot of affection again. Vital Signs had proved their mettle and they had decided to call it quits.
Dil Dil Pakistan was again surely a representation of Pakistan and Pakistanis. It was a vocal “landmark” of Pakistan.Yay for Vital Signs.
Present day situation, there was talk about some new band claiming to be the NEW Vital Signs; I am still passing it off as a joke. I don’t even remember whether I heard what they were presenting or representing to be.

is what I believe to be the best remake done in Pakistan, so far. Any doubts of this one?

A fact about Vital Signs, their tunes are, as some people believe, lifted from western ones
One such song in Samjhana, from Vital Signs 1, which sounds similar to Red, Red Wine by UB 40…

Let’s move a little away from Vital Signs, shall we?
But still within in a decade less, out came a band called Awaz.
Featuring Haroon, Fakhir and Asad Ahmed.Sound wise the album was much ahead of its time. Bravo to them for being what they were.

This is supposed to be one of the most unstructured post I’ve ever written, so forgive me for that.


School days (not related to dingle days)

School: Pakistan Education Centre (PEC)
I thought it was time to remember the school I studied from and
remember one particular thing about it.
Being a student of English medium, the books were in English and the
students studied in English (of course, what else would one expect us
to study in, French?)
Anyway, the particular thing was to in grow fluency in English
speaking, which I think was somewhat influenced by the running of
Indian schools (in which students used to speak ENGLISH..OOOOH).
We interrupt this programming for a short message
(Message for P.E.C
They NEED to speak English because they don’t have a choice. Most
people from the south part of India can’t speak HINDI, their National Language.
So the only medium they have is English.
Us we don’t have that problem.)
And now we return to our regular programming.
And since they spoke English our school wanted us to speak English
too. In order to do this, our school Pakistan Education Centre
(P.E.C)(I am sure you have the name up in your mind by now) had an
The teachers will instruct in English, the students will speak to each
other in English. Any student caught voiding this rule would have to
pay. Upon hearing this notice, the students would look at each other
and would have the same thought in their mind,”AB KIA HO GA,?”
And by next period we would be back to Urdu.
One teacher was able to build up on this and I would now say “clap
clappity clap”…you did it, how long was he able to manage that is
irrelevant, but he did it, his name was Mr.Bhatti. (the key initiator
of extra curricular things in school) teacher who I still far 🙂


Marriages and Attendees

Today, I would like to talk about marriages in the Indian
subcontinent. We all know the money spent on these
occasions is just alot. Most of the time, life – savings
of a lot of parents are put up for this purpose
(especially in the case of daughters.)But today I won't
talk about the money aspect, but another angle or aspect.
Here it is:

The dress of the bride and that of her spouse,
the grooming, the sajna sawarna…..
The bride does it because she wants to remember the day
and for this day is a turning point for her.
Once-in-a lifetime.
But is that all?

The family of one has selected the other one.
So the parents know whom their grown-up offspring is going
to marry and also the one to undergo marriage
(in today's age) knows what the other looks like.
So basically I conclude, the heavy dresses, jewellery and everything else
are not for each other (they don't get to see each
other much during the marriage day, anyway) but rather for
the guests, relatives that come to the wedding.

I don't like that.
Why?? Are the guests the one going to live with the to
be married person. Why does the couple need to dress up for them?
Is it a show going on? Is it a movie, a film?

I cannot(WHAM)… (Thud)

*Hani knocked unconscious by a guest.*