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Sales & More


Keeping more than one aspect is mind is vital for
sales. The stock, the place where the stock is kept,
the margins to be kept for each product etc etc. Most
of this can be made easier by systematic placement of
stock. But sometimes its not you who makes a mistake
in retuning products to the right place, its your
co-workers and all the same.
All of which results to a loss in making a sale and
in case of a first time customer, losing what could be a returning customer.
The theory being that once a customer gets a product and on getting satisfaction, returns.
Nothing bought, no product satisfaction, no returning customer.
That’s it for sales.

Dads’ location: Pakistan for all of this week.

Meaning: I have to look over the boutique sales all by
myself. That’s no problem; I’ve done it before. The
problem is this staff hired who openly spies on ME.
Can you believe that? She keeps an eye on whatever I
do. I was writing a letter day before yesterday and
she suddenly sprung up from behind saying>”I thought
you were on the computer”. After uttering the words
she started to read the letter I was writing.
Even if I am on the pc, you don’t get the right to
infiltrate my privacy.
Gosh! Where are your manners, where is the trust?
Supposedly, I am supposed to be in charge.
She pretends to be innocent acting as if she knows
nothing but inside her are floors of complex and
dangerous master plans, only God can decipher. May God
save me from her wrath.


Author: Hani

Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

12 thoughts on “Sales & More

  1. she is a spy
    and a stalker
    you need to be careful
    i give you my assshirwaad
    she seems evil

  2. and she didn’t come today,her life is either really battered up or she is an extremely clever “kaam chor”.

  3. Hehe.

    She sounds funny to me… Reminds me of Inspector Gadget :s.

  4. she might be reading this post about her and enjoying a rest at home!

  5. she is here now….
    but says she cannot come tomorrow morning
    She is just abusing her right because my dad ain’t here…

    not exactly inspector gadget….more like bond,jamie bond..
    the spy to break the sky or something like that..

    about her reading this post…..well poor thing dosen;’t know “keh mein yahan baitha uss ki kitni taareef kar raha hoon”
    laikin uss ko cheeinkain kiyon nahin araheein?

  6. u are quite a suspicious person.

  7. Bond… Its just her goofiness seems to be rather inspired by the Gadget git.

    Anyhow,I wouldnt call her a poor thing, since unknown bloggers are commenting on her. I mean talk about attention muft mein.

    Does she by any chance wear glasses?

  8. passion:Her acts are such….intrusive ,bugging,yaking
    that I have no choice to call her a spy

    lets say Inspector Bond,shall we?No, she dosen’t wear glasses and also no Hat.

    Aahh…she did a very predictable thing yesterday,which makes me wanna write more “taareef” about her…in tomorrows post.

  9. and oh passion…welcome to the blog.

  10. Yay!You know, you go a long way with such compromises! Inspector that.

    Uhm okay.. It would have been the dot over the “i”, if she wore glasses. Life can be unfair sometimes.

  11. Waiting for Episode 2 of the series.

    Em thinking to change the party. Em on her side now. *winks*

  12. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnn?

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