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The phone I couldn’t get


The phone: Motorola Razr V3
Color: Black

The User: Me

It began a few days back and I was given an
opportunity to test it out.
The Look: Straight out of a fashion magazine:
The Usage: As easy as 1-2-3.
The verdict (of others): The price is too much for a
phone with such less features.
The verdict (of mine): There cannot be a phone as
stylish and as cool as this.

This is the first time I got to try a Motorola and I
was really impressed, maybe I was overwhelmed by the
look, and I undermined the other things, but even If I
did I can’t say it was my fault but rather the fact
was that the phone was breathtakingly beautiful.

The result: I returned it because it was not my money
that was going on the phone and if I knew the persons
money is going to get wasted on the phone, I would
have felt guilty, because is would have been wasted
due to me.

But someday, I will be able to make choices devoid of

Moral of the story: Listen to others, until you don’t
have to.

Alright,update on the story of the saleslady. Anyone who has moved from my boat to hers will be dying to jump back into my boat after I end for today.
Day before yesterday, I was chatting with my cousin (note=my) and she began to
read that conversation too.
She hasn’t got any manners..burps on her own command.She makes no effort to
muffle the burp.
She is totally skipping her work in the morning,maybe she found some other job for the mornings and since my dad isn’t here to question her she can do what she pleases.
She gets food into the store and knowing very well that the food leave an odour in the place still munches there. Bari hee dheet nasal ki aurat hai.Can I have voting?

What shall I do next time Iam on the PC and she decides to spy on me?
1.Turn the pc off
2.Get up from the chair and ask her to sit in my place
3.take my Pc and hit it on my head

Vote now,operators are sitting by

Next Post: Dingle Days
I consider it not dat funny but you’ll decide.


Author: Hani

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18 thoughts on “The phone I couldn’t get

  1. Firstly, I used to have the Razr V3, until my nephew decided to throw it in a glass of water. Heh. But yeah sirf bahir sehi achi lagti hai, uski koi itni special features bhi nehi hai. And yeah ridiculously expensive.

    ‘The reading your convo. with your cousin’ – now thats intrusive and rude. I wonder why you havent said anything to her yet..Wussy by any chance? (no offense)
    Apparently, she doesnt consider you an authority which is why she acts the way she does.

    I vote for option 2. Oh man, you’ll get a salute from me if you actually do that.

  2. The price I was gonna get was 15800,if I had decided a “yes” for the motorazr ,but it looks so nice!Oh how unfortunate for your razr.

    She is older than me,has three children,I guess she should know the word “ettiquettes” by now.
    Is this what she is going to teach her childern…look into others lives.Well if she wants them to be spies,I guess,then it’s ok.

    I got another option and I guess it is best,block her view by sitting right in front of the pc

  3. 15.800 what? Rs? If so, its cheap.. well compared to what it costs here in Denmark. Poof.
    Nah not really unfortunate, its the best thing that ever happened to me – I was too obsessed by it ‘chic’-ness.

    She is a mother of three and know no manners whatsoever. Wow amazing!

    The next generation of Bonds… *hides*

  4. All american brands are expensive in europe..from a simple cola to a umm… what is unsimple and american??

    Yep 15,800 rs..actullay it’s not cheap ,we can get a nokia 6630,which has lots more capability for just a little more.

    Bonds or gadgets?

  5. Razr V3 is just pooh paah for no good. I am not at all a cell phone person and should remain quite. But really, Abbu uses Razr and is already getting sick of it. It hangs and the battery is giving him trouble. Another colleague at work complains of the same.

    A third friend who owns Rzr just sold it and is very happy. The last he found out the new Razr costs: 13K. πŸ™‚

  6. My bad… I meant Gadgets πŸ™‚

  7. “A third friend who owns Rzr just sold it and is very happy.”Thanks for the “insight,insiya”.hmmm might not wanna buy it later,either.

    It’s dingle days time!!

  8. there is no doubt in it being the sexiest phone…..and I got it as a gift….so it has alot of sentimental values attached!

  9. almost all the people I have talked to regarding motorazr v3 have given me negative remarks on it’s performance
    WHy couldn’t motorola make it like a Nokia,only this phone,for once…..
    it really does send the pulse racing……

    You are welcome in future for your comments,kat.

  10. I bought my mom a razr just before eid…. i had a couple of choices in my mind but when i went to the shop and put em all next to each other, the razr just stood out heads above the others in terms of the looks and i immediately bought it… i played around with it afterwards and found that the beauty is only skin deep and the features don’t match the looks…. but my mom is happy as the only thing she needs is to dial or recieve… but is happy with the looks, so all cool there….

    considering the price, i paid 15,500….. which is cheap if you compare it to the price of the first few months after the launch, which i think was 50K+

    I don’t know much history about that saleslady, but if shez being nosy, u should tell her to stop it…. even if she was your superior, she has no right to broadcast it to everyone..

  11. lemme tell you something. I realized, no matter how many features a phone has, it only comes out of pocket when a call has to be made.

    made a lot easy for me to get my razr πŸ˜‰

    besides, the features i want in a phone dont exist in the phones available in pk :S
    even if they were, we dont get edge here and dont haev a 3G network either. no use for umts enabled phones :S

  12. ha. I’d rather carry a ghisapitta cell then spend almost 16k on a cell with next to no funtcions.
    next time she’s on the pc, you start reading her convos too? or better yet buy an ettiquettes manual and keep it dog ear-ed on the ‘thou shalt not spy on other’s private convos’

  13. zag,I’ve actually fallen in love with the razr v3,it makes me release adrenalin,when I think of it…to know know more of the saleslady you just need to go down to the next post,well anyway,I don’t turn on the computer anyway in front of her..she dosen’t come in the mornings,and I use it then.

    TDH/VOX:well phones help a lot in sms,my decision not to get it is being shattered by people who are not worrying about the price vs. features game and are satisfied for what a mobile is basically for,making calls,and you are one people :).

    Heewa:It is my laptop,so she dosen’t use it,I wonder what makes her so intusive,in the lives of who she considers her senior.

    Tdh /heewa:welcome aboard.

  14. These days calling is a lot cheaper for me than sending smses .. besides I hate to punch buttons in the middle of crowded place.

  15. vox: 3G is almost here,but what’s the use…

    there should be interesting viewing broadcasts too…

  16. Dunno, to me, razr was love at first sight, but that was about it…… i am sticking with nokia, but the new sonys are making me rethink about my commitment with nokia…. maybe i’ll have a fling with SE. Damn that almost made me sound like a geek πŸ˜‰

    I don’t really care about 3G, what i want is Edge…. i use GPRS regularly and sometimes its just too damn slow…. i heard warid had edge, but ppl are saying its just rumours…

  17. I didn’t hear about edge,since 3g is the most upfront technology for wireless transmission…

    sonyericsson has a very nice one I think it is called k600i.

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