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Dingle Days by Hani Arif.



Author: Hani

Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

13 thoughts on “Dingle Days by Hani Arif.

  1. Hahaha! Aala :P.

    Its amazing how ubiquitous human intelligence is…

  2. Comic liked, me happy.

  3. Hehehe. Not liked, loved :D.

  4. Btw – linking you *winks*

  5. Roit! lol
    this one is funny.
    i SO want to send this to m’friends who love playin missed calls missed calls. how can i?

  6. alright

    eman,glad you like it.

    Want to send it to your friends?
    Easiest way?
    send them the link

  7. I didn’t say “thankyou” for linking me,subhana

  8. i love dingle days
    they make me smile
    you rock.

  9. thanks for the appreciation..sadaf

  10. Lol…. i hate those ppl who are ALWAYS ringing up those half bell missed calls…. nice one 🙂

  11. zag..yeah..almost everyone is tired with missed calls,nice to see you on Life Manual.

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