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Weekly or more?


So far I had been posting quite regularly,  2-3 times in a week.
But I am trying to make a decision of actually reducing it to once a
I need the people who read me to decide whether I should go for once a
week, intentionally keeping myself on hold from writing posts or
should I just post as they occur.Your comments will eventually make me think
and the final decision will be mine,keeping the comments in mind.

Hey, What for?

Of late, I have been feeling a pressure within me to post, but I am
finding it really hard for myself to give in to the pressure within

{"Jo khana khata hoon ya kuch peeta hoon.who haazmay tak pressure ko
daba daita hai"(whatever I eat or drink, makes the pressure inside o
me subside till digestion).}

[Hint: More of me don't-want-no once-a- week post.]

hmmm…where was I?? Oh yeah…till digestion.

What am I doing now?

Me, I am contemplating.

  • pigsee
  • a very,very interesting and surprising article awaits your readership

    Author: Hani

    Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

    7 thoughts on “Weekly or more?

    1. post when you WANT to.. not due to some compulsion.

    2. 1st suggestion…yup (me thinking on the same lines,perhaps you got the hint)…. thankyou shaima.

      Message forEveryone…In a weird turn of events the article which I was wanting you to read,has gone missing … I’ll get back to you on this.

    3. LoL i love your blog. Came to it via chance from somene elses blog. I would say post only when you want to and what you want to. Dont do it by compulsion. Your readers will appreciate that, trust me. I am from Pakistan Kashmir btw and in the US. I am going to add your blog to my bloglist and if you like mine, you can do the same. Btw on the intersting link thing, I thoght you meant Michael Jackson converting to Islam lol. That in itself is a shocking article.

    4. Have to go with the first suggestion. Post when you feel like posting.. Heh, and plz do NOT reduce it to once a week!!!

    5. that’s lovely….no one on the retention on posting..
      reza …thanks for your suggestions and yes i was talking about the micheal jackson article..

      subhana…not only a suggestion but a request too…
      that’s good.

      message for eveyone (again):you can go to piggsee
      my laptop dosen’t show that article,so I thought it had been removed,but it hasn’t.

    6. blog’s supposed to be your venting place =) it’s not compulsory to post every day. People don’t post for months, then there are some who post twice or thirce a day.
      It’s all about ‘you’ over here. =)

    7. yeah..heewa,but the ones which update after months do lose touch with their readers don’t they..unless they are massively good expressionists.
      and the ones who update more than once a day,kamaal hai…

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