Life Manual

Life is better handled, prepared.



I give you precautions for my post today because I wouldn't like it
that sick feelings are nurtured
I wouldn't read this post if I:
1.Wasn't old enough for a driving license
2.Don't read much of non-fiction books.
3.Have just eaten food.

I wouldn't say that the depiction given below will be effective in
rightfully presenting what is to be presented, but nevertheless it
involves death in a not-so-good-manner.

Read at your own risk.

He knew he wasn't going to live.

Roger, was feeling uncomfortable. He had committed numerous sins
throughout his life, his eyes had seen, his hands had done. He was
getting flashbacks of what he had done, the weapons he had used, on
whom he had used them, it was all coming back to him now/
He felt the blood rushing within him; his eyes were expanding and
slowly turning red. The tips of his fingers on both hands were being
filled up with blood. His vision started to get blurry and his eyes
were almost bulging out now.

One last thought, I wish I hadn't done what I did.

At that very instant, his eyes gave way to the blood build-up in his
eyes and they ruptured, the blood began pouring all over his face on
to his clothes….

From my never to be released book UNNATURAL DEPARTURES.

Author: Hani

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6 thoughts on “113436619924349892

  1. Vivid thoughts. Do continue writing that book.. I want to read all of it. Thought provoking as well I might add. We will all die and if it is a slow death, we will think of what we did and what if we hadn’t done them. Good post.

  2. err

    And people who just woke up, shouldnt read it either.. 😦

    aur itna chota font *cries*

  3. yeah reza…but it would have been too do anything by then.

    I’ve been having a little consistency problems of late..hencethe small font.

  4. Last Dingle post was inddeed a dhamakah! Nice sense of humour dude.

  5. And ab publishing posts! there are two types of posts.

    1. Those that u write for yourself only.
    2. Those that u want others to read.

    think on these lines – you will find the answer.

  6. green head,shukria,pasand karney ka ..dingle days,

    basically for bloggers type 2 of posts dosen’t exist,whey would the bloggers post it on to the blog,if they don’t want the posts to be read?

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