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ponda ova this


If a person who isn’t maried is known as SINGLE
so a person who is married should be known as …….

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Author: Hani

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20 thoughts on “ponda ova this

  1. as….??

    yay for dingle day!

  2. subhana…you could have guessed…

    and yays for dingle days!

    zag…that is what IS used….the answer here is also very similar to what is originally used…

    but not exactly what I was looking for.

  3. A single living with another single. Absurd?

  4. greeno…not absurd but not right either.
    Since non-married people live together too,as popular in western regions…

  5. Hahah…No I wouldnt have guessed that.. I am clueless about stuff that involves more than one person! 😦

  6. alright,let’s increase the stakes,shall we?

    the person who answers this,gets a free donut.
    ala Dunkin Donuts.The prize will be personally taken from (Lahore)Pakistan by anyone who answers rightly.
    But unfortunately,the prize could only be taken when Iam there and for me to be there,my next trip I consider to be after a 5 year period.

  7. mingle
    you are mingle if you’re married. basss

  8. no,no sadaf….no mingle…

    if no other right answer comes by tomorrow,that donut is going in my belly.

  9. If a person who isn’t maried is known as SINGLE so a person who is married should be known as DOUBLE.

  10. Nice try,but subhana but you are wrong….

    GOtcha!! didn’t I?

    YAY! Subhana!!

    You got it, so simple wasn’t it??

    zag,greenhead,sadaf..thanks for trying,betta luck next time…

  11. Yeah it was simple, thats why I didnt guess in the first comment, didnt wanna be dissed if it was wrong :P.


    So, where’s my donut? sigh, preferably with chocolate frosting. Yummy ..:P

  12. a pair. 😀 ( pair of jeans, glasses..) Subhana won already.. oh no!

  13. subhana,in order to attain the donut there were certain things which I mentioned,if you fulfill those,you get the DONUT!!!

    mars:pair,couple are both right ,but are not oppsosties of single..which is what I was looking for.
    nic to see you back

    zeeshan: the answers already been donut for you

  14. it’s about time for dingle days…

  15. mayya:pretty late in answering I believe

  16. sdit…hmm…funny but that ain’t right ….

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