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Marriages and Attendees


Today, I would like to talk about marriages in the Indian
subcontinent. We all know the money spent on these
occasions is just alot. Most of the time, life – savings
of a lot of parents are put up for this purpose
(especially in the case of daughters.)But today I won't
talk about the money aspect, but another angle or aspect.
Here it is:

The dress of the bride and that of her spouse,
the grooming, the sajna sawarna…..
The bride does it because she wants to remember the day
and for this day is a turning point for her.
Once-in-a lifetime.
But is that all?

The family of one has selected the other one.
So the parents know whom their grown-up offspring is going
to marry and also the one to undergo marriage
(in today's age) knows what the other looks like.
So basically I conclude, the heavy dresses, jewellery and everything else
are not for each other (they don't get to see each
other much during the marriage day, anyway) but rather for
the guests, relatives that come to the wedding.

I don't like that.
Why?? Are the guests the one going to live with the to
be married person. Why does the couple need to dress up for them?
Is it a show going on? Is it a movie, a film?

I cannot(WHAM)… (Thud)

*Hani knocked unconscious by a guest.*

Author: Hani

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6 thoughts on “Marriages and Attendees

  1. It’s tradition and a way to celebrate the occasion. But the point to ponder is: The stuff for gents eg Embroided Sherwani … Kurta Shalwar … Pagri etc etc costs around 35000. Isn’t it too expansive if u have to wear it only once in your life? Same is the case for Bridal dress.

    what will you do on your time?

  2. Its a big waste, although Islam preached it to be simple, this discussion have been around and every body ends on saying “it’s a once in a life time event”…. So in my opinion the only solution to it could be if we get married not once but again & again (2 – 4 wives woo) this way it wont be such a big fuss neither will it be a once in life time event and eventually people will stop spending on it again and again ! : )

  3. Green O..For me,If I have it my may I would have it simple,but I can’t say,maybe I have to give -in to pressures at that time … one can always wear a suit instead of a sherwani,a branded suit in a sale can be bought,here, for 18000 rs. so cost saving…etc etc and for the wife we can take a simple dress and with a marker put the designs on it, again cost saving…but look at zeeshans proposal..

    Mr.zeeshan,not a bad idea,the average cost for the grooms wear is much less in your proposal.But the thing is by the time the person decides to marry again,(afer kids Mostly) he might not be the size of the first wedding….

  4. For wife simple suits! aha! And for yourself?

    Then how funny that situation will be, when your wife-to-be will catch you red handed while drawing lines on her bridal dress with color markers. LOLz!

    and ab zeeshan’s proposal! Well wat about cost of 3 wedding functions? is’t it better to go for a good shop only once?

    *GH trying to remember balance in his bank account — ah not a pride mention here. Still a long way to go …. hee hee hee *

  5. greeno ..mein to samjha shaadi say pehlay mian beevi nahin miltein….
    so we can do what ever with the dress.with markers….

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