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School days (not related to dingle days)


School: Pakistan Education Centre (PEC)
I thought it was time to remember the school I studied from and
remember one particular thing about it.
Being a student of English medium, the books were in English and the
students studied in English (of course, what else would one expect us
to study in, French?)
Anyway, the particular thing was to in grow fluency in English
speaking, which I think was somewhat influenced by the running of
Indian schools (in which students used to speak ENGLISH..OOOOH).
We interrupt this programming for a short message
(Message for P.E.C
They NEED to speak English because they don’t have a choice. Most
people from the south part of India can’t speak HINDI, their National Language.
So the only medium they have is English.
Us we don’t have that problem.)
And now we return to our regular programming.
And since they spoke English our school wanted us to speak English
too. In order to do this, our school Pakistan Education Centre
(P.E.C)(I am sure you have the name up in your mind by now) had an
The teachers will instruct in English, the students will speak to each
other in English. Any student caught voiding this rule would have to
pay. Upon hearing this notice, the students would look at each other
and would have the same thought in their mind,”AB KIA HO GA,?”
And by next period we would be back to Urdu.
One teacher was able to build up on this and I would now say “clap
clappity clap”…you did it, how long was he able to manage that is
irrelevant, but he did it, his name was Mr.Bhatti. (the key initiator
of extra curricular things in school) teacher who I still far 🙂


Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “School days (not related to dingle days)

  1. i hate all bhatti teachers ..
    dont ge tme wrong they are wonderful ppl .. but i just never had a good teacher with last nae bhatti :S

  2. Will come back and read the post next time ….

  3. I understand your views..vox
    but what I don’t remember is if this was his surname or not,because I have no clue of his first name now..if bhatti wasn’t his first name.

  4. reminded of my school days. how much i miss those good ol’ care-free days when your parents do all the worryin ’bout your studies.
    Vox, i wonder if all the butt’s and bhatti’s share a common biology teacher, sir.butt needed a weighty refinement.but i’m truly grateful to the guy for makin me realize i can sleep with my eyes open

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