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Pick A Song


Which one of the following songs do you think brought the biggest change in the Pakistani pop music industry?

1.Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs
2.Sayonee by Junoon
3.Duur by Strings
4.Aadat bt Jal

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Author: Hani

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11 thoughts on “Pick A Song

  1. ha! do you really want an answer to that? 😉

  2. No.1 cuz they were the first.

  3. hmm…yes I want the answer,I want to know the peoples choice.

    reza..thanks for voting.

  4. Aadat, a new distinct sound, and tons of controversy(read: p.r.) with the band squabbles…thats my reason 😛

  5. good reasoning there,mars.

  6. Alright,since no other answer is forthcoming and I am almost ready to post the next dingle days,my answer to this is

    No.4 Jal-aadat,why?
    Because it was a band that sparked the sudden ignition of other bands,whose songs could be easily be passed of being songs made by Jal.

    VItal Signs comes a really close second,their songs did create ripples but the jal effect wasn’t created by them,main reason being that,at that time making a band wasn’t as easy as it is now…

    Both Sayonee and Duur gave new sounds to their makers and to the listeners but outcome,not much…

  7. Okay so I realize that the polls have closed but i’m putting in my 2 cents anyway.

    It was Vital Signs through and through, and Strings ka “Sar kiye ye pahar” comes a very close second.

  8. extiinct,polling is over but the viewpoint isn’t ever…hmm…vital signs..yeah undoubtedly…….but strings,did it create a change in the pakistani music industry????????

  9. I don’t know about change, but it effected everyone alright. Even when they dissapeared for almost 10 years their single release was remembered by everyone.

  10. extiinct,the change wasn’t there,and that was my question.
    Yes you are right when you say,the song effected everyone,and they didn’t disappear,they made a very rational decision to compltete their education first.The result of which is in front of us.
    Sar ki yeh pahaar is their trademark song anyone who remembers strings is going to remember sar ki yeh pahaar,for sure.That does include me too.

  11. hi plz send me the song TUM DUUR THAY TU KIA HOA .plzzzzzzzzz i love this song. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me this song on dis mail address.

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