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My Tribute to Vital Signs


I felt I didn’t give full justice to explain why Vital Signs didn’t bring about the biggest change in the Music Industry in Pakistan; hence I am posting a whole entry in this regard.
It was the 80’s dudes. A guitar would have been scarcer in Pakistan than water is in Balochistan now (and this isn’t a joke!).Obviously, the parental sentiments were leaning away from such acts of noise and “marasi-pun” that was the much highlighted point of Vital Signs, that they completely changed parents’ perception of people playing music.
They were the good guys. Nice clean image, non-shushkali lyrics, a certain maturity in tunes and sound.
My fanaticism for Vital Signs remained up until the third album, after that my taste got a little divergent and I began to listen to some other stuff. And I think Junaid put up a solo album before Hum Tum which got going my liking for Vital Signs a little shaky. But Junaid came back with Us Rah Par and gained a lot of affection again. Vital Signs had proved their mettle and they had decided to call it quits.
Dil Dil Pakistan was again surely a representation of Pakistan and Pakistanis. It was a vocal “landmark” of Pakistan.Yay for Vital Signs.
Present day situation, there was talk about some new band claiming to be the NEW Vital Signs; I am still passing it off as a joke. I don’t even remember whether I heard what they were presenting or representing to be.

is what I believe to be the best remake done in Pakistan, so far. Any doubts of this one?

A fact about Vital Signs, their tunes are, as some people believe, lifted from western ones
One such song in Samjhana, from Vital Signs 1, which sounds similar to Red, Red Wine by UB 40…

Let’s move a little away from Vital Signs, shall we?
But still within in a decade less, out came a band called Awaz.
Featuring Haroon, Fakhir and Asad Ahmed.Sound wise the album was much ahead of its time. Bravo to them for being what they were.

This is supposed to be one of the most unstructured post I’ve ever written, so forgive me for that.


Author: Hani

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7 thoughts on “My Tribute to Vital Signs

  1. I think for the previous poll post, Vital Signs are the one that brought the change. Before that there was no concept of band in Pakistan, or atleast not on a country wide scale. They started the thing. Jaal adaat might have started a new way of launching a band, i.e., using the power of internet and that’s it.

    Strings might have came close, but they took a loooooonnnggg break after one good song…

  2. structure up, dood. 😉

  3. so ,VITAL SIGNS WIN,It’s the peoples choice.!

    I will dudette!!by the way how are the christmas wishes going 😉 ?

  4. haha they came in abundance. double impact. 😉

  5. hmm…double impact:nazla,sar dard dono ghayab.

  6. Before VS, there were N&Z … Nazia and Zohaib! These two were the trend setters for the paki pop music. weren’t they?
    And do you agree that VS ws nothing without Shoaib Zafar – their lyricist and composer?
    Em a big fan of VS from the very first time when i heard Dil Dil Pakistan.

    It’s a normal tradition in especially pakistan that groups split up after one or two successful albums.

    Meanwhile .. u r tagged.

  7. yeah,the age old nazia & zohaib story,but I was too young to have cared about what they wanted to present.Even Vital Signs consider them to be the initiators.

    Yes,Vital Signs is nothing without Shoaib MANSOOR ,but why would they be without him,HE is the first member of VitalSigns
    Junaid,Rohail,Salman,Shezad all came later.And as far as I know,Shoaib didn’t compose Vital Signs tracks,even if he did,as above said,he is the original member of Vital Signs.

    I liked the sudden,”you are tagged”,my next posting will be the tagged post.

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