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Blogging No More


Today I will talk about some pathetic people. Although I can easily be passed of as being pathetic myself but these people act as if they are the Sirs of being Pathetic.
People like these started to dominate Orkut some time back, forcing me to go out of the public eye. Chillax and other useless and cheap words started being used and the silly nature of the scraps in the scrapbook drove me off the wall. Also, this was not my scrapbook that was being used as a piece of sampling paper, these scrapbooks were those of my friends. I just got sick and tired of reading the silly language and nonsensical composition of the sentences. I just had to vanish. I’ve received a couple of requests to join, but I’ve ignored those.

And then there was blogging…

Yesterday, I was reading a blog entry on someone else’s blog and on going through the comments,the same picture of Orkut came in to my mind. Although I didn’t get to see any cheap words but I did get to see nonsensical comments .It shouldn’t be a surprise that the very thing that happened to me and Orkut ,could very much happen to me and blogging.

Message for an ex-blogger: is no more but here is a message for its owner (if the owner still reads Life Manual) and that is:Your best friend can be happy now because Bryan Adams is going to hold a concert in Karachi, Pakistan. All she has to do is fly and buy two tickets: one for the plane and one for the concert.


Author: Hani

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16 thoughts on “Blogging No More

  1. OO come on .. what the hell happened.

  2. I use the word chillax too :s I don’t find it nonsensical, just something we use to tell our stressed out friends, Chill and Relax :p esp. before exams :ssss

  3. vox…Iam not leaving blogging as yet.It is the most important thing in my own personal life at the moment.

    Mayya: Regardless of the meaning the word Chill** represents,I am not happy with it,especially when it comes to meaningless and over usage..which happens on orkut.

    greeno : : I

  4. I so know what you mean! I’ve been deleting scraps of random people who use slang like that for over a year.

    Worst part is my friends knowing i hate it so much wrote me testimonials in the wierdest ways possible=(

    The day someone writes me a testimonial with proper english, i’ll take em out for lunch. I’m that desperate. Lol.

    Seriously, jokes apart, slang is a major turn off.

    And you can’t quit blogging. I just started reading you! I mean your blog. Lol.

  5. So what 🙂 bad people exist in this world. But does that make you commit suicide and leave the world? Hell no.

    Chill out 🙂 the show must go on. Important thing is to learn to handle such situations so that when time comes you dont get thwarted.

  6. thanks to 2 very good friends of mine I’ve moved on from short forms and small caps to proper english in my cyber world interactions heh, but I do tend to go a bit off track while blogging :/

    even if you quit blogging, will you promise us dingle days? I’m craving for them :p

  7. ahhhhhhhh I started a sentence with a small ‘t’ :s

  8. what have i missed out on :s ..

    dont leave us alone in the cold in blogville 😦

  9. extiinct,Vox,Mayya,Subhana …please refer back to my comment above…

    now turn by turn shall we:

    Extiinct:People who call each other friends,on orkut,they call each other by such bad names, one can easily see how good friends they are..(Iam talking specifically of males here)..yes orkut was good in one aspect,to meet old buddies,classmates..but that’s it.

    VOX: Your comment is very very encouraging…thanks.Now I know who to contact if my life has some real trouble.

    Mayya:Bari Laalchi ho! If I go,I’ll have no other medium
    and hence no more Dingle Days.

    Subhana:You’ve not missed anything.

    Everyone once again:As far as I can see,I cannot SEE myself without blogging,I just presented an option of something,but that something can be controlled,thankfully. The show never stopped and so it will continue.

  10. Damn tiddy, i was just about to say the samething about bad ppl, life and suicide, when i read your comment 🙂

    Dammit i used damn to start this comment. Dammit i did it again…. now now hani, relax (see, i didn’t used chillax ;)) i was just kidding with u….

    point is, if you don’t like slang, don’t use it, but don’t quit something that you like because others are using it…. u can be an example of blogging without slang…..

  11. yay..zaggidy zag.

    Nice words of encouragement…right here,right now


  12. Zag trying to take credit ..
    No way :PpPp
    Lets call it copy cat.

  13. hmmm..very vague post…i wont assume anything – but now i think i clearly dig y ur ‘burst’ seeing that ‘c’ – whatever happened – i’ll try not to use that ‘c’ word 🙂

    waisey i also loath orkut and all those scraps – best thing is delete and ignore! at times i wonder what the hell im doing on orkut! since i got carefully selected friends and relatives – no strangers. actually, it helps to keep track on others 🙂

    and just like u and most of the bloggers i guess…..since started blogging…the chatting, emails, orkuting, scrapping n what not takes the back seat.

  14. oh other than e-mails,everything else is ta-ta bye bye,yeah I do chat but not in chat rooms,just with the people added to my messengers..

  15. ditto here on the chatting-only on msn…that too only to known ppl
    btw..i also posted somethng on orkut on my page….been thikngk of making a post on that since i startde blogging…never got managed to allign my thoughts – but i got a kick after reading urs 🙂
    …blogging zindabaad! 🙂 orkut murdabaad! hehehe

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