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Look it’s me!


I am Famous. Fakely.
No no, don’t get the wrong idea; my name really is Hani Arif. It is just that I tend be “known”, as in popular(famous),get it,get it?

What are the points to verify my claim?

The Eatery.
The Drink:

Well, if having a restaurant and a drink to my name isn’t enough there are lots of songs with my mention in them. But coincidentally or not, almost always the times my name is preceded with a Ka.


KaHani Mohabbat ki by Strings
Watan KaHani by Awaz.

and so on,they put the Ka so that it wouldn’t be easy for me to detect what the artists were upto, laikin mein chota bacha nahin!!!
I might sound as a bit of a snob with this post but iss mein meri kiya ghalti hai? I didn’t force the respective people to use my name, they did it themselves,because they adore me???

Well anyone who was wondering what I look like will have to wait no more. As here below I post my pic…

Just scroll down a bit…

Cute,ain’t I?


Author: Hani

Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

13 thoughts on “Look it’s me!

  1. Ahahahaha aala 😛

    Wha’ about moi name :P. Even more popular 😛

  2. really??
    I am sure you don’t have a drink named after you..

  3. ji very cute :p did you know in some episodes of sesame’s street they show ernie and bert to be gay to teach american kids that its ok to be gay and have feelings for people of the same gender *sigh* :s

    and I have lots of songs named after me, un adulterated 😀
    rickkkkkkkkky martinnn’s mariaaaaa 😀 and there was one by Ali haider too :p

  4. Oh I didn’t know that.
    I considered Ernie&Bert as brothers..maybe it is right what you said,they also sleep in one room.
    but maybe it was for American kids,but this Pakistani kid never got that idea..

    oh yeah?? you have a drink named after you??Huh??

  5. Look at you gloating:P

    Btw, you have a very red nose:P reminds me of rudolf the reindeer[sp?]

    For some reason i was never a sesame street fan.

    All I can say about my name is that it’s a boy’s name too! Hehehehe

  6. Hani is a girls name Pakistan.

    I remember when I took a general knowledge test in secondary school,the teacher couldn’t find my name in the list while taking attendance,they found my name in the girls list..
    apparently there is a blogger who is a female and she uses the name hani too… I hope the other bloggers don’t confuse me with her.

    yeah I think I banged my nose somewhere,hence the reddish color…:)

  7. hahaha okay finding your name in the girls list is funny!
    I haven’t come across any female Hani’s though.

    and as for the female blogger who goes by your name, for all we know it could just be you posing as a girl:P okay okay I know, it was a demented thought.

    And I never figured out that Ernie was gay either. hahaha we were such shareef bachas.

  8. extiict..that’s what I don’t want,her to be reading the same blogs as me.But she has for SAhOOLat put up her picture ..with the name Hani.

    insiya.. hu-duh-du-hu?

  9. Adorable. 😀

    I can say I have a drink named after me. LOL

    So you aint the only one. 😛 And my name is frequently used in songs – I truly wish it werent!
    It gets embarassing at times. Let’s say most times.

    PS – Didnt know abt ernie being gay! Innocent minds being corrupted!

  10. saw hani juice (comes in flavours)in a store yesterday and burst out laughing! 😀

  11. alright are the best rival in terms of being famous is concerned.

    Even in the picture you can see two of the flavours Hani Juice.

    I was about to put sHani in there too,but then that would have made me a rival to sprite ..hehehe

  12. Id have beaten you with the Shani too!!!

    Honestly you dont want to know…lol (both my name and pet name are disasters) LOL

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