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Dingle Days by Hani Arif.



Author: Hani

Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

23 thoughts on “Dingle Days by Hani Arif.

  1. hahahahahahahahahhaahhahaahah

    hani please get some newspaper to publish a dingle days feature. you’ll earn loads =)

  2. LOL

    you have a very different way of seeing things 😀


    awesome 😀

  3. Hahahahahha!
    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddeeeeeeee! That was beyond funny!

    I’d suggest you make a seperate blog for Dingle Days.

  4. mayya:meri abhi auqaat hi kiya
    Extiinct:Thought about it,but no onw would come to this blog then…right?
    sadaf:I have a solution..

    agar koi daikh raha hai toh please sadaf ko koi samjhaye

  5. i think i also dint get it :/
    errr…does it have somethng to do with the mango vareity known as chaunsa????

  6. Aww come on, that’s not true. We come because we’re interested in what you write. Dingle days is just a bonus.

    Dingle Days or no dingle days i’ll still be frequenting this blog.

  7. okay yes psyched,it is to do with the mango variety named Chaunsa..maybe you’ll get the future Dingle Days.

    extiicnt,that’s good and also that’s the way it should be..
    dingle days as an added bonus.

  8. LOLZ .. but where r the mangoes?

  9. Mangoes are exactly where the HAQ AND ZOR are…virtually available.

    Welcome back GH.

  10. hmm….am smart after all ! 😛
    will definitely come back for more of those dingles 🙂

  11. psyched…well I hope it is safe to say,”welcome to my blog”.

  12. i hate you all smart people
    *goes hides in her corner*

  13. now now sadaf,have some mangoes,everything will be alright.

  14. sure it is dude…..hope to see u venturing into mine too 🙂
    cheers! and stay cool! (i got the ‘c’ thingi – but i still dont get the exact picture tho – but since it drives u up the wall…i’l refrain 🙂

  15. aww sadaf…..its ok 🙂 am sure ur also smart in ur own unique way.

    ya do try some mangoes 😛

  16. Really good! I couldnt wait to get to the last bit. LOL

    And Mango days are over! 😦

  17. no need to be sad days will return soon… in a few months.

  18. I know – im making do with strawberries, kiwis, oranges. Even had pineapple (not the canned one) a few days back! 😀

    I dont usually stay sad…lol

  19. or you could always have SHezan Bottle..wait a second,I have something else as an option…

    Hani Mango juice.

    Thats good is you donot stay sad.

  20. lol…i can’t stop laughing… you really should consider getting dingle days a larger audience..:)

  21. Thankyou Mars…but I think the internet is a pretty big medium

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