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Goli Daina koi meray Doston(??) say seekhay.


The last time I met a friend was on Eid and that too for half an hour.
I have been left for the dumpster man to come pick me up.

But due to their absence an ex-classmate has appeared to become the best choice as an activity partner. If that is any condolence, I have a choice activity partner but no activity.
Although I have a belly, I want this activity to be strenuous and physically difficult. So my belly goes and that I have an activity. ( and oh! not to forget my activity partner.)

Problems of the activity partner:

1. He already has one. (both an activity and an activity partner)
2. He is Pakhtun. (so is his activity partner)
3. He is “into” something new for a few months and then is out of it.
4. He has not agreed (because he hasn’t been asked) to become an activity partner.

Okay, let’s just go through the problems quickly.

No.1, No.3 and No.4 are that he might be tired (noun and adjective) already from doing what he does.

No.2: A human naturally has a tendency to like that person more who is from his/her own community, so not a big chance of mine getting a preference over his already present activity partner (and yeah I missed another thing too, his activity partner is also his friend).

So, my activity partner might just leave me for the dumpster man too!

I hope not all my friends are goli firing ones.


Author: Hani

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13 thoughts on “Goli Daina koi meray Doston(??) say seekhay.

  1. why don’t you get a friend of the same ethnicity, otherwise you have dingle days, if all else fails get a parrot 😀

  2. I just don’t have friends…aaaahhhhh!!!

    No one likes me…aaaahhhh!!!

    Dingle Days kitna sahara day ga mujhay??

  3. To Kia Doctor Sahib Nay Bhi Yah Kaam ……?

  4. Greenhead:koun say doctor sahib?Koun say kaam?

  5. Okay I refuse to believe that your situation is so bad. It’s just your perspective of your situation at the moment.

    How about not depending on friends and joining a club/group of whatever activity you plan on doing. There are bound to be people who’re already doing it. Butt in and don’t wait for someone to befriend you. Sometimes we just need to make friends ourselves.

    And I need to take some of my own advice=)

    Btw what activity do you have in mind?

  6. extiinct:No it isn’t the perspective,it is really the situation.

    My problem is that I am very selective in choosing friends,it isn’t a problem actually,but me just too selective.

    Being in the place I am I have lots of people around me but then none of those people seem to click.

    I’ve a ball sport in my mind.Which I will reveal at the later stage,if I am able to start it (and so that you can keep coming just to know what it is 🙂 )

  7. Loads of acquaintances and very few friends. Story of our lives.

    And you do not need suspence to keep us coming back here.

    Good luck with the ball sport. And don’t lose hope! Cheers=)

  8. thankyou for your encouragement..

  9. pls frandship me?as you dont have friends, we can be lonerzZz 2getha!:P

    ps: yes, i have lost it:P

  10. mohsin.. right?

    sadaf: oh,you have friends you can be with,I read a post on your blog once..

  11. right hani…hmmmmm
    Dont worry guys hani has friends….coz i know.

  12. yes mohsin,that’s what I said in the last sentence..

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