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A JJ original.


A JJ original.
Originally uploaded by FOTOSHO-TO.

Liked this so much,but wasn’t going to wear it anywhere and hence getting it for 5000 something rs. didn’t seem worthy.


Author: Hani

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7 thoughts on “A JJ original.

  1. yaar this is something you can wear to a pak-india cricket match and support pakistan all out 😀
    all you need is to get a tind and paint the pakistan ka jhanda on your head khe khe khe

  2. sar katta jinnn?


  3. sorry,I don’t attend sporting events so far.And as about the tind it is coming soon (naturally) over my head…

    Insiya…Iam the friendly sar katta jinn other words the casper of sar katta jinns..

  4. You don’t attend sporting events? hawwwwwww. Me neither! Lol.

    I’ll be going to my first match next week.

  5. interesting creation….that too only for 5g!
    i like the cricket match idea tho – that get up will surely get u a few secs of fame on tv 🙂

  6. Oh the Test match..

    oh yeah …I will grom my beard and paint it green too..

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