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Saying Days


Insaan duniya mein marnay kay liyay aata hai.

Came up with this Quote O’ Mine when (obviously) I wasn’t in my Best O’ Moods.


Author: Hani

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11 thoughts on “Saying Days

  1. waahhh ! waahh !

    **cant keep the blonde smartness out of my head!**

  2. Does that mean that you’re not in the best of your moods?

  3. Does that mean that you’re not in the best of your moods?

  4. I think he does come for alot more then just dying! LOL

    Why was the mood so low that death figured as priority?

    *eyes wide open*

  5. everyone: psyched is giving me open threats ..HELP!!!!
    not exactly open because enclosed by a few stars but still .. HELP!!!!

    Extiinct:Nope Iam not in my worst of moods.

    Watersprite:Life seemed so useless to me that I considered there was no other destiny other then death.

  6. Lol, helpless baby:P And you’re afraid of blondes? or just in awe of their smart[dumb]ness

  7. Psyched is probably justified in making those disclosed threats! You cant mean to say that you are scared of a little chingari??? :0

    And didnt you make that blonde comment first in TDH’s blog??? *eyebrows raised*

    And the eventual destiny IS Death. So either you live every moment to the fullest or you live life in despair.

  8. Extiinct…Not all blondes might be dumb or smart for that instance.. are wrong there,she is a gr8 chingari..aaye aag lag gayee….bachaaoo…

    Well I am trying to take back what I said….

    Sometimes when no matter you do the glass of life doesn’t seem to fill itself with the drink o happiness and that’s when one becomes not so happy.

  9. hani…for the sake of the stars and the fact that you corrected sprite…….hmm….here’s ur second chance – but dont forget, there’s more where those stars came from! 😛

    now lemme get after sprite for that ‘little’ boo-boo and tiddi for the ass mistake he made! hehehe

    about extiinct…cant figure out if he/she is anti – or pro blonde smart/dumbness…so under observation for now.

  10. another threat ….everyone….

    Looks like I have got to jump out of blogdom …

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