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No Friend Blues


A friend (??) told me he could not imagine going to the Bryan Adams concert with anyone else other than me because of the fact that I used to share my Bryan Adams information with him. I told him about the affordability issue, he said no way; you are going no matter what…
Well, I am not going, and there is no sign of my friend (??). He came over the weekend to a restaurant next to Dads store and didn’t even come to say “hi”. Some Friend.
I am counting the days left for the 11th of Feb because that’s when it would have been a complete month without meeting any friend o mine.

I am so happy that I have this blog and thank each and everyone who reads this blog and comments (and I thank the non commentors, too).
Mars, Sadaf, Green Head, Insiya, TDH, Zag, Mayya, Extiinct , Subhana , Zeeshan and the two recent ones, Psyched and WaterSprite…
(Did I miss any other commentors’ name?)
It is due to the people who read my blog, that I blog….without any readers it would be like talking to myself.

Just for the record, this is my 3rd blog. The first one lost the host. The second one also had a similar fate, my friend who owned the domain name, lost the name and the blog went phatooey.
So here I am running Life Manual hoping that this doesn’t get sucked up. I made this blog a tad before my friend (who owned the second blog I used to write in) sent me an invite for a fourth blog. Piggsee. I accepted but later came to know that how hard it is to have more than one blog unless it is known how we will segregate the posts that go on each blog.

Coming back to the musical aspect of this post, I am waiting for the day Jal or Atif Aslam could come and perform in Qatar. When I went to Pakistan last year (Karachi being my first stop), I missed rock Karachi rock by just ONE day. I landed on 4th of July and there were billboards everywhere and there was one really big one advertising Rock Karachi Rock on the 3rd of July.Oppurtunity missed. The last time I went to a concert was to mark the independence day of Pakistan and if I tell you the artists I viewed I might be showered with chappals, shoes and all other kinds of footwear.

Maybe this post was better named as No Concert Blues but it’s all the same.


Author: Hani

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20 thoughts on “No Friend Blues

  1. Awwwww you dont have to thank us. That’s soooo sweeet! (saying it in that typical pakistani aunty style…ugh!!)

    Anyways, you are welcome. 😀

    Hey think of it this way, you’ll go if you are meant to. By the way I wouldn’t call that friend – A Friend. **sprite not happy** – u ought to bring him down to acquaintance level.

    Dont be blue – if you read my Blue’s post – you’ll know what psyched does best. You’ll feel better. Will ask her to send some your way too.. 😀

  2. hehehe…the foo foos…

    Iam not going,unless that friend(??) pays for it…:D

    by the way,I liked care bears too…cutie..chest power emanating bears..

  3. i c so he didnt came well bro let me guess the name i might be close hmmmm starts with A or N.

    About waiting for 11 feb hmmm iam also in same situation like yours..5 months back we last met and almost a year back i met ark.

    lastly on friend thing…r u forgetting 2 names who r close friends of yours?hmmm if No then u should not feel that way bro(H,M,ARK)rock on
    peace tc

  4. awwwww thats sweet. A teacher of mine rightly said that a writer writes because he wants to include other people in his “ehsaas”
    keep writing and we shall keep reading and commenting 🙂

    I’m sure atif/jal’s concert tickets would be far cheaper than bryan adam’s *sigh*

  5. first and foremost…..**FOO! FOO** FOOOOOO*** 🙂 sent an extra long foo ur way – hehehe.

    awww….so u also had ur BA post and the ‘thank u to my readers/commentors’ bit. long live blogging!! we’re all on the same blogboat i guess – hence the empathy…so ur most welcome dude!

    atif rocks! when i attended his concert, there were bottles, seat cusions, fan covers, shirts and dunno what not that kept flying into the air and into ppl’s heads! **tsk tsk! such shame i tell u!** and coz of this incident, had to forgo the rock dhamaal (raaghav and ali azmat) concert that followed.
    u know what, am hearing more n more rumours of BA coming to lhr and isl….keeping fingers and toes crossed! **pscyhed closes eyes n says a silent prayer**

    and oh ! i always fantacized having those tummy-powers those cuddly carebears had…and i liked rainbow brite too! lol….lest see how tiddi reacts to these cartoon coochiee-coos we’re doing:P

  6. acha i wuvves reading life manual na, issi liye i comes back. and youz sounds so senti, its sad.
    only i m allowed the blues:@

  7. Mohsin…Iam not forgetting anyone,because Iam just talking about how long it has been since I last met a friend…and on feb 11 it will be one whole month.

    Mayya: yeah sure the tickets will be much cheaper than BA.I wonder why that happens?

    Psyched…Yeah the long foooo has to come all the way to Qatar.
    Mr.TDh seems a little bit mad at my klunck klunck comment.SO Iam sure he will be back on the care bears issue…And Atif I know is a brilliant Live performer.

    Sadaf:If I am not allowed blues,you aren’t either.It is all in the insides no allowance,no hindrance type o thing.

    Thanks Everyone for their support and foo foos..

  8. u shud have gone…”thanks everyone for their support and specially thank u psyched for the foofoos” 🙂

    about tiddi…achawww?? ooohh cant wait for the carebears bashing from him! 🙂
    i liked the klunk klunk thing btw 😛

  9. I loved the care bears. Dont know what kind voxy liked when he was a kid , if ever! LOL

    And see you got the long Foo Foos. Hope you are better now. I’ll send my special magic through the seas and hopefully that friend will get you the tickets. 😀

    Oh I read the heavy metal discussion. Dont think voxy is all that mad. But have to say i liked the klunk klunk bit. Its three to one. So voxy will have to concede. 😛

  10. Bhi stop thanking us. You’re a nice person…atleast you sound nice on your blog [I’ve always maintained that people are unusually nice on blogs…so assuming that you’r half as nice as you sound that’s still nice enough. Hehe] You’re also very interesting to read [that equals to you being an interesting person btw].

    Now about your friends…don’t waste your breath over some nincompoops who doesn’t know what keeping in touch means.

    Now how’r the plans for the sports activity coming along?

  11. i know hani.just wanted to make u feel better coz i think u were upset on the way that person.

    Btw who is he?wo tu nahi jo ma soch raha hoon…do tell

  12. yay,may the ones who are right win,always….
    I did go to the concert 🙂

    Klunkklity Klunck 😀

    Extiinct:really kind of you to have used such nice words for me.
    My ball sport,that’s directly related to my finding a job.As long as Iam unemployed Iam without the activity o mine.

    Mohsin…we can forget it..

    I did go to the concert!!!

  13. oh really u went thats nice but before u were saying u not going inti jaldi mind change kar liya kia baat ha ticket free tu nahi mil gayi…me to much angry over it coz iam stuck here and missed the man bd dam it!

  14. i say it again….u lucky u !!!!!!!
    so ur friend (???) paid for the tickets?? so u 2 called it truce then???

  15. Guess the foo foos and the magic worked. 😀 Commented about it in psyched’s post. Hey am happy for you. Are your ears still ringing???


  16. Nooooooooo!!! Lucky you! I am so jelous![sp?]

    I hope you had fun. You deserved the night out=)

    post about the thing soon.

  17. everyone…..i’ll post about it after I finish the tag thing and the dingle days,and Iam going to make the BA post really special by doing something that I haven’t done on this blog before…
    keep your fingers crossed.

  18. psyched….me and my friend aren’t on bad terms we just don’t meet.

    Watersprite..ears aren’t ringing…voice is,I think
    (thats is due to the cough I have for the past few days)

  19. ooohhh…….something never done before and special eh?? if only BA wud come across the dedications we’ve been putting up for him 🙂 **wish! wish!!**

    cmmon man! get on with it already! everyone’s waiting eagerly!

  20. Psyched:something never done on THIS blog before.

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