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Saying Days (again??)


Pyar woh hi theek jo shaadi kay baad ho.

Next Post:Dingle Days


Author: Hani

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16 thoughts on “Saying Days (again??)

  1. in essence shaadi keh baad lagta hai shaadi sey pehlay sab theek tha :p
    ask any non singleton
    yayyy for dingle days 😀

  2. mayya:Remember the saying
    “Grass is always greener on the other side.”

  3. :/ this is too confusing !!
    no comment……..:P

  4. Sounds like soemthing my dad always says…lol and brother agrees! 😛

    Then what on earth do guys do before they get married?? huh???

  5. Do you truly believe that?

    I agree with that statement waise. Whatever floats people’s boat though. It’s a long and never ending debate.

  6. hani :p I’m not married yet! hehe so I’m sticking to the grass is greener on MY side argument 😀

  7. watersprite:they do “SHUGHAL” most of the time

    Extiinct: Yes I do,that’s why I said it.

  8. aaH!! you tagged me at a wrong time…
    ANyhow…. this means dingle days and my Bryan adams post both will be moved futher.

  9. After whose marriage? 🙂

    I am talking about love triangle!

  10. tag shag chodo fill haal……post the BA concert asap! **psyched jealous:(** still not over it! u lucky..lucky……(fill in the blanks:P

  11. greenHead:after anyones marriage

    psyched:No iam going to do the tag first then the bryan adams..alright??
    Besides I plan to make the BA post quite lengthy that’s why Iam delaying it..

  12. ok….then it better be good !

    waisey….tags are fun too… waiting for one myself 😦 **hint-hint** 😛

  13. awwwww…………ur smart! u got my hint:) thankus!!!!!!

    (lets not start on the smart blondness thingi again:P

  14. 😀

    Yep,I’ll try not to.

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