Life Manual

Life is better handled, prepared.

A poet is born.


Check the minutes on the watch pass by
We will never know when each of us will die
And if we die today
I assure you we will simultaneously die on the day after yesterday.

Hani Farhani
(1983-still present)
Hani Farhani:A poet that makes you wish 1984 was preceeded by the year 1982.


Author: Hani

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9 thoughts on “A poet is born.

  1. Sadaf: I think Hani Farhani can be your favourite poet atleast for his first piece of work.
    He matches your gloominess.

  2. I think this Hani farhani guy has some serious potential. He makes you smile with a gloomy poem.

    Where did you find him?:P

  3. hain, aren;t you hani farhani?

  4. Nice piece!

    Mayya is confused. šŸ˜›

  5. you know
    i m not glooomy
    you labeled me
    i feel labeled
    and seggregated

  6. extiinct: somewhere inside o me!

    Mayya: Hani Farhani has Hani wriiten all over him…hehehe

    GH: Shukria

    Sadaf: I didn’t label you, you labelled yourself,and what is done is done,now it’s upto you to shake that label off.

    Mars: Can this win over the one you wrote?

  7. twice :p

    I think I’m still confused.

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