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Believe it or not!


Teacher:”CIMA, England defines cost accounting as……….”

After a while

Teacher:”CIMA , London defines ………”

Teacher : before it was England now it is London (small laugh)
A student: what is the difference between England and London
Teacher : there is no difference, but you write London,that’s better.


Another teacher….

Teacher : Pizza Hut is from …..Italy?
Me: America
A student : Italy
Me: America
A student : no, Italy

WHAA?? WHAA?? (again!!)

do these people live on planet earth or what??

Next Post:Dingle Days (next week)


Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Believe it or not!

  1. lol…its italy btw 😛

  2. mars,you are from mars, you wouldn’t know.

    Pizza is from Italy, not Pizza Hut.

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