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Wisdon Re-thought.


If we take things which are available today, they have become less durable than their previous versions. Products are more likely to be irrepairable if they meet with an accident.
This occurs partly due to the fall in price. The manufacturers would want to recover profit by selling more or by keeping the consumers more in need of repairs.
Take the car industry for example, where fixing has shifted from repairs to replacement. Making the payers’ pocket lighter by taking cash out or heavier by receipts of credit cards (whatever is applicable).
And if what we use is “crap” compared to what our parents used, we can and would relate to the saying, “OLD IS GOLD”.
But the next question is, if the future generations would still relate to the OLD IS GOLD saying.
Would our “crap” be their gold?
If yes, then would it mean more “crappier” products in the pipeline?
If no, would they then change the saying to?


Author: Hani

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16 thoughts on “Wisdon Re-thought.

  1. There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven

    listen to this song NOW!
    stairway to heaven-led zeppelin

    your post made me hum hum it and i m naraz with hani farhani becaaase of the false gloom shoom allegations:@

  2. About the Gloominess affair,you were commented on how you your blog is dark and how you talk about sadness and how you are a pessimist,Iam sure Hani Farhani will make up to you one day (if you are willing to change yourself).

    About Mr.Led,well not much interested in foreign music now a days.

  3. Old is gold, old was gold. I don’t think anyone would care in the future about it except us old people who would remember the good old days=)

    But then, vintage has always been coveted and always will be.

  4. *yawn* mujhey gaari nahi chalaani aati and you’re worrying about our crap being our kids gold lol

    don’t worry too much

  5. extiinct: SO you are saying that the new old will be the old gold?
    Or will the New Gold be the Old GOld or the gold will not be old and not be the old gold either,and will the gold be the gold and not be the new gold as well?


    This blog o mine is quite valuable now,it has a lot of gold in it 🙂

    Mayya: Iam not worrying about the matter just wondering.
    You are the one worrying about sooooo many things.
    Mirror the advice!

  6. Old is gold.

    But the funny aspect about this gold is: we can’t use it but we praise it too much infront of our friends.

    If it is something from your grand parents store or car porch then you can certainly declare it a crappier product for them 🙂

  7. diamonds anytime !!!!!!!!!! (actually, dint pay attention to the post – but there sure is a lot of gold-y stuff in these comments! 😛

  8. GH: new profile pic again!!

    Psyched: I wanted to beat the record of that bride featured in the picture.

  9. ohhhhhhhhhhhh….competing eh??? well i beat u ! coz i had the image to repulse everyone ! hahahaha! 😛

  10. the one with more gold wins, and I think my blog has more gold than your blog.

  11. u got it in words…..i got it in visual!! visual impact leaves a heavier and longer impression 😛

  12. but how do we know if it was gold ya sirf paani charha hua tha???
    This is the real stuff…

  13. Seems like no one really bothered with to answer the question besides GH and that to not too seriously. Shows where this generation is headed!!

    Well Hani you bring up a valid point. I think the entire concept of living the fast life has more of a negative effect on us. Consumer needs and wants have escalated to the point that manufacturers are in a rush to meet them. And cheap labour, cheaper resources all play a large role in profitablitity. Hence you have sensitive, easily damaged products, that are better to replace then to fix. Cell phones, laptops, microwaves, beds, cars,houses etc. You name it. Very few companies today do not sell out on their quality or goods durability, but even they have to compromise on some stage due to partnership marketing.

    And I think Old is Gold for us, and it will be OLd was Gold for the coming generations. Since they will be faced with even crappier products by then. Like so many other things, the saying itself will be extinct by then.

  14. watersprite:an fully affirmative answer to my point..yay!!

    But I think the way Gh presented his thought was rather nice.

  15. SIGH – On reading it again, will have to agree with you about GH.

    Added u to my list, hope thats okay with you.

  16. yep.that’s ok with me,I will add you soon to,and will say one thing more to you..(which I always say,to people who link me up)

    Thanku for the linku.

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