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Doodh Ka Doodh aur Paani ka Hani ho gaya!


Disclaimer: this stunt was performed by a professional,Kids,Don’t try this at home,not even at school.Do you understand?


Author: Hani

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32 thoughts on “Doodh Ka Doodh aur Paani ka Hani ho gaya!

  1. hehe, its funny but I hope you weren’t hurt!

  2. no no he’s not hurt.This is not the first time he’s doing this kyun hani…waisa kitni try me ya shot app na liya…heheeh

  3. Oooooooo Matrix move!=P By the way how many things did you fall upon? Hehehe

  4. wowee…how did you get this pic? i presume someone else took it?yeah matrix move, only “the sherwaani” is missin 😛

  5. Nope,I wasn’t hurt…

    I think I should edit my post a little bit.

    Mohsin: I think it took me about 6 to 7 tries to get it right.

    Extinct: I fell upon umm……… 3 things
    2. carpet on the zameen
    3.One of my feet.

    Eman:I took the picture myself,it is called a TIMER MODE.

  6. aaahhh….so this is what all that ‘coming out of the closet’ was all about! so u did jump out of it! 😛 but looks like u jumped from above!!

    lol@ “matrix move but sherwani missing”

    if u really did use a timer for this, man! ur gud! 😛

    gr8 concept – gud action/stunt shot 🙂 the photographer in me sez so

    and oh! i was right on my identification! so now that the identity is finally out of the closet…….what next eh? 😛

  7. The aveneus have just started to flow.
    From the recent photography talk and “which imaging software is better” talk going around,I’ve got a sudden urge to get my Camera and start shooting full time.

  8. Heyyyy….. i am late but others have taken care of the jumping out of closet….. and jumping with joy because of coming out of closet comments 😉

  9. Wow.. Your butt must be all blue and green after that…thing.

  10. zag: and they lived happily ever after.
    Subhana: 🙂

  11. Are you smiling because I’m right or are you smiling while thinking “what an idiot” :(.

  12. no Iam not smiling because it is what really happened and not because Iam thinking that you are an idiot,Iam smiling because I liked your comment.

  13. happy clicking dude! just dont get urself hurt!
    lol @ blue and green 🙂 heard of black and blue – this is the first!

  14. did I see you in lucky irani circus last year??

  15. psyched: Aik do chotein lag bhi jaien aik achi photo kay liyay,toh kiya bura hai??
    Omair:maybe…If you lived in Qatar!

  16. Yay! Hani liked my comment… Purpose of my life has all of a sudden been fulfilled. 😮

  17. arey subhana,itna chota sa purpose tha kiya???

  18. yaaa…a good picture is always worth the chotein 🙂 as long as u can get up and clicking again after that 🙂 been there – done that.

  19. did you get yourself burnt o great chingari?

  20. me the gr8chingari – get burn??? naaaa…but for my shots….i have felt the heat (and nearly got burnt:) for getting too close to the fire for that perfect shot…..gotten myself dirty many times for getting into unmentionable positions for that perfect composition 🙂
    fotography can be fun if u want it to….but the part that puts me off is, when ppl oggle at u thinking ur from outer space with some techno gizmo clicking away at weird stuff in even weirder positions! for that sunset shot – i literally stopped traffic! it cud have been a better shot if i got out of the car…thankfully i was in the hilux, so no one dared honk at me or show me hand gestures – they must have thot i was some foreign(coz of my looks) jounalist or somethng 😛

  21. same thing here.
    The people can’t stop ogling.
    ALright,Iam taking a picture..i don’t know which part of it is so hard to understand.

  22. did u jump or were u falling from somewhere above? 😉

    teach me? 😛

  23. vintage: I jumped from the floor.

    but if you think God sent me to save the world from grief,then that’s not a bad thought either.

  24. Stunts aside, is that a WALK-IN closet??? WOwie.

    For a guy’s closet it sure is tidy! 😀 Ummmm did you by any chance clean up before u took the shot? ;P

  25. no it isn’t a walk-in closet.
    It happens to be my dads store.
    and I do most of the sorting in the store.

  26. So you did do some of that “sorting” bfore the shot. Neat! 😀

    Out of curiousity – does dad know about your stunts?

  27. No,I didn’t do the sorting before the shot,the store has to be sorted all the time.shot or no-shot.

    Mom knows about the stunts,Dad dosen’t!

  28. I wasn’t commenting or reading this one because it had too many comments but now that i did go thru em, i just realized what a full toss i missed in this one……

    Hani, how could u let this one pass by?!?!?!?

    Psyched: We want, infact we demand to know the … ahem… “unmentionable” and “weird” positions that you get yourself into for the perfect… ahem… something something…


  29. Zag: May I say,what an eye you’ve got for “full tosses”.
    Waah waah!!

  30. This post has been removed by the author.

  31. for the love of all things on god’s green earth……why is zag after me ??? :/ …everywhere he sees the full tosses not only in my blog – but in everyone;s including his own !
    i think i shud just not comment anywhere!!

    i came here to comment on the tags on those clothes, but sprite already solicited the answer….then i had to come across zag’s never ending attempt to hit me for a full toss….am not myself lately….not fit to keep up with the fielding as i mentioned somewhere else….so by all means…have a field day while i retire unfit for the time being

  32. psyched: Zag dosen’t pick up on full tosses from your side only,as you have noticed,it is the same for me and for others.
    So it is normal!
    Enjoy while you are still able to play.

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