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I have been around the blogging world for quite some time and one aspect of me that of,”What I look like” has been put out in the open.
Similarly, some questions might have arisen in you about me and this post I would like to dedicate to those questions (if any?)

So if there are any questions that you want to ask about me,feel free to do so.
Answers will be answered as per my discretion.
And some answers(if applicable) will come in the form of separate posts.

With my body Armour intact, may I say…

Ready,Get Set,Fire!


Author: Hani

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9 thoughts on “Questionable.

  1. lol for the sake of it

    -I wonder what your name means
    -where did you get your inspiration for dingle days

  2. “Have you listened to The Rising’s song ‘Jhoot’?”
    “If no then why? If yes then how do you find it?”
    “Duniya gol kyu hai?”
    “Do you think Hijab is compulsory in Islam?”
    “How would you find it, if a Pakistani bride wears white on her wedding day*?”
    “Duniya gol kyu hai?”

  3. Mayya: you get a separate post.


    Ans 1:Nope,I haven’t heard the song,I was prompted by Sadaf to do so but I was having exams then and after exams I didn’t feel motivated enough to download it.

    Ans 2:Kis nay kaha duniya gol hai?

    Ans 3:Islam says (to women),wear clothes that dosen’t reveal your figure,don’t reveal your hair.So there are other ways to do these too.So,no.

    Ans 4:I cannot imagine a traditional Pakistani wedding dress in white,even if a bride wears it I would feel it is “foreign”.

    Answer 5: Miss Subhana, The world is flat not “gol”.

  4. hain, what other ways are there to not reveal your hair other than a hijab? and by a hijab I don’t just mean the scarf, but any material that covers the head like a dupatta, stole, shawl, jacket ka hood etc. etc.

  5. You know, I don’t mean it in a bad way. But I have absolutely no curiosity about you.
    What you post in your blog is enough. I mean the way I see it you share whatever you want of yourself on your blog. That’s why you write.

    Maybe I’m just wierd but I absolutely have no curiosity about blog people. Unless I talk to them though IM-ing or something.

    Acha all that aside. Interesting take on hijaab. Since me and Mayya both are hijabi we’re very interested in how you define Hijaab and how you not consider hijaab as compulsory when Islam orders a woman to cover her body and hair.

    I bet this is not the direction you thought questions would be going were you?=p

  6. i took hijaab in it’s original usage …what women wear .
    I had a cap/dupatta in mind as answers to why I thought hijab was not compulsory in Islam.
    The word hijab (in normal use) is not representative of the other headwear.Arabic (from where the word hijab came) has a sepate term for a cap,Arabs don’t use the word hijaab for a cap.
    If hijab for people does represent other headwear items then I will say yes it’s compulsory.
    Same thing goes for an abaya, a “chaadar” can be a very easy substitute to it.

    These are things told to us by Islam,to cover up,and it is told to us in a very clear manner,there are no misunderstanding over it.Even in my initial answer I had said about the covering up and there being other ways to cover up rather than with a hijab.

    Extiinct:about asking me questions I had said “(if any)”,so it is perfectly normal for you to not have any questions about me.But see Subhana didn’t just stick to questions about me she asked me about the duniya gol kiyun hai,which has nothing to do with me,you could/can still ask questions unrelated to me.

    If you question me about the hijab,it will still be a question and I am happy this was asked.I came to know how much meaning the word hijab covers.
    I hope I have cleared any misunderstandings if they still remain,do feel free to ask me more.

  7. Oh wow. *loss of words*

    Lekin phir duniya flat kyu hai? *ponders* 😛

    Okay, now I’m just being annoying. Sorry, yeah well…sorry?

  8. btw questions are going, i hope the next one doesn’t ask whether hani wears a hijab 🙂

    oh btw, since world is flat, is bermuda triangle the edge where ships fall off the face of the earth? 🙂

  9. duniya gol nahin hain kiyun kay flat hai,flat issliyay hai,kiyun kay gol nahin hai.Ab aaye samajh mein??

    Zag:yep questions are coming in..

    About your question,no the ships don’t fall off on reaching the bermuda triangle,they get sucked in.

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