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Mayya Asks.


What is the meaning of my name?

Hani is someone who is happy.
(This meaning I asked from the GP I visit Dr.Hani, on what his name meant)
Arif means “to know”.
So Hani Arif would mean someone who knows how to be happy.
Although Hani is a very rare name in Pakistan, it is just as common in Egypt.
In primary school, my nickname among my class fellows (non friends) used to be Honey Bee because the first thing people not familiar with the name get in their minds is honey.
How did I get the inspiration for Dingle Days?
There was no inspiration for me to create Dingle Days.
I didn’t even know I would end up making comic strips.

How it started?

One day while studying for my one of my exam papers last year, out of no where the narration of the first Dingle Days popped up. (Shows how much I focus on my studies!!!). Along with the popping up of the narration another popping up came forward and that was what to do with it. At that very instant somehow I had an idea for the comic strip. But how was I supposed to draw the characters, my drawing being really childlike made me decide against drawing it. Thinking if I was to make it on computer how would I be able to create a character. The most favored option came of the Dingle. I would be able to replicate Dingles without any problem. And since the Dingle were the creatures of choice, hence the name Dingle Days.
I wasn’t totally satisfied with having Dingles, because I didn’t create Dingles myself.
I was afraid it wouldn’t be original. But as far as I’ve looked, I haven’t seen any other comic strip which uses Dingles.

And guess what?? I managed to pass in that paper too.

Next Post: Dingle Days
For the first time in Punjabi.
My condolences to my non-punjabi readers .
Another First for Dingle Days… Hani Farhani.


Author: Hani

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17 thoughts on “Mayya Asks.

  1. Your friends called you “Honey” and you were recently too keen to “come out of the closet” and then in the previous post you “jumped out of the closet” ……………………. STTTOPPPPPPP for the love of God Stooopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp…………..


  2. ^Interesting observation. Hani, care explaining? 😛

  3. zag: No clarification needed from my side,you didn’t read the post carefully.

    subhana: what observation are you talking about?You care explaining first? 😛 😛

  4. hani is a nice name, we need more happy peolpe around! 😀
    Dingles are cute, and so are screen beans :DD

    oh for another idea, try combining translation of a punjabi expression in dingle days, it could be funny

  5. aaaahahahahahahahahahhaaa…finally zag speaketh ! lol ! good one zaggiii! 🙂

    hani…nooo ! dont stop oh honeyy beee! 😉 rofl 😀
    jokes aside….hani is a nice name…sounds better when u combine it with…hani jani – hani bun – hani bunny….:) *truce* 😛

    errr…what are ‘dingles’ again?? dint get it. do they happen to be those ‘stick men?’
    whatever they are – dingle days rock! 🙂

  6. thanks for your forwarding an idea mayya.I’ll see what can be done,although Iam no good in Punjabi.

    Yes the dingles are the stick men.

    Peace on you!

  7. yes i remember in grade 2 or 3 i think some kids did said that name(honey bee)to you.Hani we had other nick name s also(subarau tomorrow,pepsi and dunlop)
    We were popular for a reason i think.

  8. “Honey Bee”!!!! God Lord! I would have bloodied some noses if someone had called me that!! How could u stand it? I still get mighty psd when someone distorts my name as some lame joke!

    Hani u should have bashed in a couple of faces!

    I guess i’ll have to pass on the punjabi dingles and accept your condolences! 😀

  9. “Honey Bee”!!!! God Lord! I would have bloodied some noses if someone had called me that!! How could u stand it? I still get mighty psd when someone distorts my name as some lame joke!

    Hani u should have bashed in a couple of faces!

    I guess i’ll have to pass on the punjabi dingles and accept your condolences! 😀

  10. everybody gets nicknames.
    I was just one of the “everyone”.

    watersprite: I was shareef larka I couldn’t bash faces…the peaceful guy.No fights no nothing.
    If fire came my way only then I would fight fire with fire.
    (which was almost next to never)

  11. and oh yeah,my non punjabi readers don’t give up hope on my next dingle days,you might still be able to understand it..

  12. So you are one of those “cool” guys – like my bro. He is ultra cool. Like nothing will shake him. And he was the same way in school, wouldnt fight. According to him there are other ways to get things solved. I think he gets the coolness from mom’s side of the family. :D.

    Dont worry – not giving up on your dingle days just because they will be in a different language. Will get someone to translate if its a fly-by. 😀

  13. I remember,I got in a fight once with a boy,like a real physical fight in KG and that’s it,first and last time.
    Here,Iam not counting the fights with my elder brother.
    He really kicked my arse.

    It’s DIngle Days time.
    (hopefully won’t be a “fly-by”.)

  14. Sprite, how can you bash someone when you love your nickname so much….. righy honey… oops i mean hani ….. Lol

    hey hani, what was the outcome of the KG fight???

  15. the outcome of the KG fight was that the teacher saw us fighting and made us go apart and exchange handshakes.

    in other words ..A Draw!

  16. just cant help it …. since we;re on the topic of nick names…..*evil grin* … man! i know some ppl will be clamouring for these full tosses *wider evil grin*

    ok – here’s a (torturous) trailer:)….the nick name i was given in uni was/is classic….so unique, even my documentary & film making professor was amused 🙂 oh ! btw, the prof in question is ms mira hashmi 🙂 d/o the famous tv clan of hashmis. (thats a reliable lead!)

    (zag…u asked for ‘something new’ to post on my blog….that u missed not commenting….here u go! have a field day! 😉 “the mystery of psyched’s nick-name” *very evil grin* 😛

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