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Dingle Days by Hani Arif.



Author: Hani

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20 thoughts on “Dingle Days by Hani Arif.

  1. errr…. looks funny… but what language is it?

    i KNOW urdu…and ive read the strip several times… it is NOT urdu.

  2. It’s Punjabi^.

    Less than standard.

  3. ok I understood the first two boxes, what does the sipabeel word mean?

  4. Hani I only understood the visuals about tea! The rest was fly-by.


  5. i also got lost in the last box.
    hani its sipahee which i am thinking off or its other then that…hmmm

  6. oh man!! what is this,utter disappointment.

    Yes it is punjabi and I considered it funny too.

    Yes Mohsin,you got it right it is sipahee…

    okay so this is how it goes…

    Dingle 1:Akelay chaye pea rahey ho,meri kidhar hai?
    Dingle 2: (thinking to himself) Yeh kahan say tapak para!!

    Scene 2:
    Dingle 2: Mein nay yeh thandi chaye tumhein pilani,mera nishana kharab hey,yeh baat tumhein batani
    (throws the tea on Dingle 1)

    Scene 3:
    Dingle 2: Sipahee (accentuated with a salute)

    Everything should be all clear now!!

  7. then good waisa i think iam the first one who got it right all of it..nice work do some more on punjabi in future bro..

  8. yes I think you are the first one Mohsin..

    Iam highly disappointed with this Dingle Days. I had high hopes on it!

  9. arey nahi nahi asa nahi kehta sab ko thora samjha na ma muskil hoi ha coz of maybe punjabi in english thora words change karna next time i mean more simpler tu sab samjain ga aur jo punjabi speaking hain un ko tu samjna chaya tha per anyways lets hope for the best next time…Dont worry man..

  10. Lol! boy i hardly know any punjabi. can’t speak it for the life of me but i got the gist of it!!!

    Yippee! hehe.

    Laughed hard at the ye kahan se tapa gaya line. I’ve thought that so many times about so many people.

  11. Hey I got it too.But I didnt find it funny though.. I guess well I dont know. 😛

  12. well not all hope is lost there are a few punjabi speakers who have yet to read it and plus I have offered translation to anyone non punjabi….

  13. no comments!

    kahin full toss na hojaye phir se ! 😡

  14. Hani dont be disappointed. Keep trying. Am sure it was good. But I think the effect you were trying was lost in the translation.


    Cheer up.

  15. noooo… stick with urdu….

  16. im losstt.
    urdu please.
    although i find the punjabi language interesting and can make out what most of them say.. this really went over my head!
    illustrations cute tho.:)

  17. I have some news to break about Hani Farhani in the next post.

    Kay:Urdu translation is given by me already in the comments.laikin kuch faida nahin hua.

    I’ll try to make it all up for the next Dingle Days.

    I guess it’s either english or urdu for Dingle Days now.

  18. at least i made the effort of understanding it! ab samajh mein aye ya na aye…benefit of the doubt 😛

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