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The Death Of Self


I had given you the DR.s take on my name who shares his name with me.
But I will tell you the meaning of my name from my side.The meaning which I grew up with and that is Celebration=Hani.

Farhan = Happy
Or Saeed would also be Happy
But Hani wouldn’t.

Since Dr.Hani isn’t that fluent with English and he told me the meaning in English, I suppose he wanted to say Celebration.

Hani is a derivative of the word “Tahnia” meaning greeting.
Now you decide the rest.

Oh by the way I have some bad news.
Hani Farhani went on a lifelong exile.Due to the utter rejection of Dingle Days.


Author: Hani

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14 thoughts on “The Death Of Self

  1. omg….hani seems like micheal jackson
    thriller video with no head legs upwards hehhee…

  2. we never rejected dingle days! buss thora communication issue ho gaya tha :p
    if one of these days a kid gets injured trying to do one of those stunts of yours, it’ll all be your fault! not to mention you could get hurt too! sara khana bahar nikal ayeega

  3. Haha. *covers eyes with her hands*.

    Shame shame Hani.


  4. mayya: the consequences you tell me are much more hurt inducing than what I actually do.Being the scaredy cat Iam I wouldn’t do something that tests the adrenalin flow.

    Arey,acha khaasa dhaka hua hoon!

  5. Awww Hani – no one rejected Dingle Days – it was just a language barrier issue. You cant be so down and under!

    We want Hani Farhani with his DINGLE DAYS – BACK!!!

    Well, should try for the adrenalin rush, I just love it! And nothing to be scared of.

  6. well,I’ll try to coax Hani Farhani back but if he dosen’t,I suppose he can be easy replaced by Hani Arif (that’s me!!!)
    No, Iam not feeling down.Everything is finitty fine.

    No,no, no adrenalin rushed for me.

  7. I like the happy hani the best 😀

  8. but celebrating Hani= happy Hani

  9. Nooo…. hani arif is okay…. urdu rules… 😉

    btw…… (ofcourse another hit at the full toss in this comment)….. u came out of the closet and are showing pics of your rear instead of your face……. how come????? 😀

  10. Hani Arif,it is zag.

    firstly,the picture didn’t fulfill its purpose.
    Secondly,I was ONLY competing (as you would say) with J.Lo.Giving her a run for her money.

  11. I think the competition would be more of between u and Elton John 😉 or maybe i should mention this post of yours at Jalal’s page 🙂

  12. no, no no! Not jalal.

    look mayya,see what you’ve done..

  13. and soo there comes jalal!! zag! what took u so long to bring up the comparison eh?? 😉

    hani….however the shot came out – no comments….but may i know if ur some acrobat as well? 😛 as u mentioned, multi-talented naa!

  14. maybe..kya pata koi acrobat bhi mujh mein chupa ho.

    Hani Chalangi

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