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News Break


This just in….

Hani Farhani didn’t know that the place he went to for an exile is given a “real” prison feel with a caged cell (and that too a completely empty one .. talk about exile) plus a free photo.

Me being the only known relation of Hani Farhani was sent his photo in his own private cell.
(no complaining because thats exactly what he wanted…Exile)

I know,this picture could have been better but the last thing the jail authorities have in mind is to take a “cool” picture.


Author: Hani

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8 thoughts on “News Break

  1. LOL – you really going into exile for a short duration?

    I think I started the trend, then Voxy(TDH) disappeared, now its psyched, zag’s grumbling, and your talking about exile.

    What a chain reaction! 😀

    Nice pic – pretty clean jail. 😛

  2. watersprite: Nope Iam not going on exile (as yet),jiss nay jaana tha woh chala bhi gaya.

    subhana: why confused?

  3. Good to read you will be around.

  4. hey people! am back! coz u guys dint let me be for long! 😛

    hey haniii! those square thingies make me queesy *psyched crossed eyed* but gr8 idea i must say!

  5. This post has been removed by the author.

  6. itni jaldi waapsi,mein to samjha lambi chuttee…

  7. as zag commented…blogging will take my mind off the stuff thats making me 😦

    i guess he’s right in a way…i’l keep the lambi chuttee for some other time….the un-happening phase do keep happening now and then

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