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3 Friends.


There were 3 friends.
Me, Friend (??) and Friend 1.
Friend 1 had named ourselves the 3Ms.

M stands for mathematicians.
Since our skills with mathematics was nothing to brag about.
{So 3 mathematicians would be the full form of 3Ms which in its full form is nothing less than original but in its short form infringes with the copyrights of 3M (the maker of the POST –IT NOTES)}.

Anyhow, what a friendship it was.
It was a friendship which really came to light after high school. I had known Friend 1 since grade 8th and befriended the friend (??) in high school. Friend 1 and friend (??) were friends from 8th or 9th grade, due to their common passion for cricket and were in very minute ways family friends.

Since after high school with no considerable option for studying in Qatar, Friend 1 left for Karachi, Pakistan for continuing his studies. Friend (??) and me stayed.
Friend (??) had gotten a driving license and was driving. He would do the picking up and dropping back whenever we used to hang out for which I am utterly grateful for.

Anyhow, friend 1 would come every year and the 3Ms would hang about together.

We had among ourselves eating rituals every time friend 1 would visit.For his stay of a month we would have to have at least once the following items.

Kfcs ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT lunch.
Pizza Huts SuperSupreme Pizza
Tcbys’ Chocolate Yoghurt ( with chocolate chips topping)
Dairy Queens large chocolate milkshake.
No trip of his would have been complete without us having the above mentioned items.

We would sing songs in the car mostly Vital Signs and the 90’s movie songs.

Those were the days.

Friend (??) and me had a rift once and he commented that once something happens to a friendship it can never be brought back together like before. If friend 1 wasn’t here during those days we would have never talked ever again but friend (??) was right, things never did come back to what they used to be.

Friend 1 left for the States, and there are lots of things which have accumulated that I want to share with him and chatting to him on the internet for 5 minutes after 2 weeks doesn’t help either.

Friend (??) has his own set of friends now and if I don’t go and meet him he can easily be absent for a month before showing up.

I wouldn’t be wrong if I said 3Ms are a has-been.


Author: Hani

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10 thoughts on “3 Friends.

  1. Hani I think its more to do with changes and how well time can weather those. I rarely loose friends, Im usually in for the long haul – but I do have to say there are some “has-been”

    When u rmr the good ole days, its always hard when a friend is no longer.

  2. lol
    I don’t do friends at all! I am not in touch with anyone from back school or even from my A`level days. And my friends from university are not those people I made friends with on the first day. Someone said keh the higher you move up in terms of academics, the stronger friendships tend to be, it just might be true.

  3. Actually some friendships last forever while other wither away….. depends on how much effort you put in it…

    i have a school friend that i still get together on a monthly basis, not very good friends, but still something…

    while the group of friends i have who i talk daily / meet weekly with are those who i studied with and who lived in the same neighbourhood during the college years…..

  4. awwww hani….do away with the sighs ! hum hai na ! 🙂

    ive also had some friendships going sour….i guess they were meant to be – sort of a learning process for me. but as i mentioned in some of my posts, i am blessed when it comes to friends alhamdulillah. i have very few (sprite is up on the list) from school days who are still looking out for me. then there are those i have made friends with during my last sem of masters (mano is one) – there is something about friends dating back to kindergarten days….and there are also those who u befriend later on in life…..what im tryign to say is, irrespective of the tenure of the friendship, its how they are there for u thru thick n thin…sp the later.

    now cheer up…and keep blogging 🙂
    oh, here’s somethig impressive 😉 my record on fone is 6 hours – 11pm – 5 am straight! hehehe.

  5. okay okay,doing away with the sighs,no that’s not impressive keeping in mind the preconceived notion of women talking more than men,you just outdid me by double the hours which would just be normal for a lady (coming back to the notion) since she is supposed to talk atleast twice as much as a male.

  6. yeah yeah .. whatever ! 😛

  7. yeah yeah .. whatever ! 😛

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