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Personal Date Upped.

Okay, so one teacher is going on vacation and he was teaching us two subjects leaving us with a substitute teacher for the next couple of months.

Mrs. Intelligence Agency who left work with us didn’t turn out that bad. She brought a couple of her colleagues and we made a little sale. Also she informed another lady that the vacancy was unfilled for the job with us. So she is nice but still I will never be able to get used to her guts.

The referred-to lady was hired and she is a dentist by academics. So I have a doctor working under me, how nice would that look on my resume.
I have an incident to tell regarding her, she calls me by my name Hani (which to people not familiar with the name, as I have said before sounds like honey).
One day her work hours got over and we had two customers, she said, “bye Hani” and I said bye, one of the guy who is looking at something else un tilts his head and looks at me. Seeing this action of his and knowing that he thought she said honey, I quickly retorted “that’s my name by the way”. People having misconceptions about you are one of the worst silent enemies you could have.

The last time I met my future activity partner was on the 1st of March making tomorrow one complete month of not meeting anyone I could hang around with. If anyone of you could have come to Qatar, I would have bought you an edible treat to celebrate the completion of a month.

Furthermore another saddening thing is my decision to have one more Dingle Days (which will also be the last post) before I call it quits for the excuse of studying for my exams. So say for example I publish a Dingle Days comic strip tomorrow that would be my last post before the 30th of June. Whether I study or not during the break is another matter.

Should I be happy?


Jal The Band in Qatar.

Okay, Jal the band might perform in Qatar.
When? March 31st. similar news came up a few months back on the Jilawatan website. This time around it is officially mentioned on the, but has been labeled as Not Confirmed. This will be in years that a Pakistani band is to perform in Qatar. The last one in my memory is that of Junoon (which I didn’t attend). I am in doubt whether strings have already performed in Qatar or not.
Last year to commemorate the independence day of Pakistan there were a few artists that were called up namely Ali Sher, Rabbi Perzada (if that is her name) and Hamid Ali.
I don’t know of anyone who listens to either of the 3.Hamid Ali could have some fans in Qatar though. But we would be unthankful if we complained because the entry to that function was free.

Speaking realistically today is the 29th and still I have not seen any advert or mention anywhere, I doubt that the organizers could publish a message through a newspaper today, tomorrow or the day after to attend the Jal concert on the 31st.That is not possible or maybe it is considering the organizer to be bad. None of the bands/artists whose debut albums were released in 2004 have performed in Qatar. I guess the options are few, there is not much demand. Still hoping that Jal does perform in Qatar!

Now, a golden question, the amount we paid to see Bryan Adams was 170 Qrs.
I wonder how many Pakistanis would be willing to pay 100 Qrs. to attend a concert by Atif Aslam or Jal in Qatar. Let’s broaden the horizons here and take the situation to Pakistan.

People paid 2500 rs. to see Bryan Adams in Karachi, but how many would pay 1100 rs. to see Atif Aslam. Okay, so Bryan Adams is an internationally established artist or close to becoming /already is a legendary artist. Yes, but I am not saying to pay 2500 rs. for a Pakistani artist, I am asking less than half that amount.
Are we deteriorating the value of our artists ourselves?


Arz Hai.

Aaj kal waqt ka hee pata nahin chalta,
kahan say aata hai kahan chala jaata hai.
Kuch saansein lo, idher udher daikho
din khatam ho jaata hai.
Aisey lagta hai kissi cheez ka intezaar hi nahin karna parta
Waqt khud bakhud ussey lay aata hai.

I have been meaning to post for sometime now but haven’t been quite getting the time.
If this remains the situation I may not pass my exams, I wouldn’t know when they come and go: giving me only time to hang on the underside of passing marks.
Also, I didn’t know what to post, so this is a post about not being able to post anything and also having nothing to post. Pretty good, eh?