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Have a Kit-Kat.


I am taking a break.Due to the ban put on blog access from Pakistan.Since most of my readers are from there I guess it ain’t no use for me to keep ranting when almost no one will be able to read.I guess I can safely call for a break from my side.Till I make a new post which won’t be before two weeks, you can ponder over another saying of mine

“expectations are never limitations”.

I hope this virtual kit-kat is tasty!


Author: Hani

Glad I could interest you enough for you to visit my profile page. Follow me on twitter @haniarif to get to know more.

20 thoughts on “Have a Kit-Kat.

  1. hain I’m in Pakistan and I can access blogs and blogger hmmm
    no need to put an end to your posts

  2. there is a ban in pakistan? woah. they need to calm down a little!

  3. Hey! i can read you!!! Lol! boy it sure feels good finally being able to access blogs.
    No im not accessing them the natural way. thru some other website.

    And mayya which internet service are you using? jaldi batao so that i can get my hands on it!

    And Hani…keep posting bhi.
    and thankyou for the comment on my blog. I needed the laugh pretty bad=) im saying it here cuz i can’t post a reply on my blog.

    And this is beginning to sound like an email. Hehehe

  4. mayya: It’s just a little break.

    fariydust:yep that does seem to be the case.

    extiinct:it’s just a little break..

    Iam feeling not so good now a days.

  5. “Iam feeling not so good now a days.”

    – I hear ya :(.

  6. Must be something in the air. Everyone seems to be having downers.

    I hope things work out for you.

  7. This post has been removed by the author.

  8. I’m using dial up and its wol net. In case you can’t get the scratch card, they have this telephonic service to get hours via phone, the number is
    0900 10222

  9. oh extiinct,nothing is wrong,alhamdullilah, I am only feeling a bit lonely.

  10. hmmmm something related with that friendship post?

  11. awwwww…need some foo-foos hani? 😀 or a li’l tap of sprite’s magic wand?

    yaar i can access the blogs thru that thingi zag provided (bless him! yeah zag….bask in the glory:)

    so temme, whats the latest with the ban? why again, and for much longer???

    hani, go treat urself with a b-r milkshake – u’l feel better 🙂 u can break the kit kats and toss it in too!
    as zag adviced me when i was supposed to take my break, at least blogging will keep ur mind off of whatever is keeping u down. sometimes the guy forsakes the full tosses and actually makes sense:P
    so keep blogging ok! hum sab hai na !;)

  12. zag:nothing to do with the friendship post

    psyched:I do not know what to say at this moment.I’ll post about what keeps me down in my next post..whenevr that comes.

  13. about the b-r milkshake it makes me feel better only for that time being but i feel bad when an event recurrs..will post about my problem(s)soon.

  14. hey haniy (read honey). Why down and lonely. Youve got all these bloggers as virtual friends.

    And thanks for telling me about taking a break. Hope it helps. Im on one too, have a bad case of re-occuring migraines. Heads a mess. 🙂

    Hey you want some magic along with the foo foos? Will send some your way too.

    Looking fwd to another hani jani post. 🙂

  15. Hey, i posted a comment here and its gone!!! 😦

  16. zag….nothing on the closet thingi again i hope! cud have been censored 😛

  17. Nooo… i was just suggesting that since psyched and sprite both are in such generous moods giving away foo foos and whatnots hani you should take advantage of the situation and get some of those mysteries solved 😛

  18. the mystery will unravel itself as time comes..

  19. and dont forget to credit me and sprite ! 😛

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