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Kit Kat Finished.


Okay, okay. I know it isn’t supposed to be like this, but how was I supposed to know that two weeks is to be such a long period. I had taken a break because there was a very vital thing that was troubling me.

My studies.

It so appears that I am in a position where I am the worst student in my class, just because the teachers ask a question I can’t answer and someone else can. With exams due in June, I am still to get a grasp on “what’s going on”. The teachers for three subjects have been changed this year (2 subjects being taught by one teacher). But the change is positive.
Anyhow, I do want to study but how, I don’t know.

Also, I would like to say that the break has given me more depression due to the feeling of being left out. At the moment other than my immediate family there is no one I can relate to.
The two friends who live here in Qatar, have totally forgotten that I live in Qatar. (Ab to mujhay lagta hai kay) It isn’t their fault. Because they have friends and I don’t.

For the past few days, depression is the most prominent feeling running inside of me. So as a getaway I decided to post.

Hurry up! Welcome me back.


Author: Hani

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10 thoughts on “Kit Kat Finished.

  1. Welcome Back!
    *Throw confetti in the air*
    *Blows trumpet*
    *Grows serious*

    You need to make a drastic change in your life. Any change. Even if it’s just a change in the way you view things.
    That’s what I did and it’s been much better since.

    Very glad to have you back.
    Now eat the kit kat and throw away the wrapper. That kit kat gives blog loving people like you wierd ideas of breaks.

    *Goes out leaving the confetti mess for HHH [His Highness, Hani] to clean. Hehehe*

  2. Whattt the!!! hey, when i was reading this post there was no comment… and now i m not the first one 😦

    anyway welcome back…. and do concentrate on the studies first…. then blog 🙂

  3. extiinct: what’s with the royal treatment of me??

    zag: heard of the saying “early bird gets the worm” ?
    aaj kal waise hee competition ka zamana hai..about the studies before blog,now tell me how can I do that!!

  4. Hehehe. Sorry. was in a hyper mood.

    As for the studying before blogging…i haven’t been able to manage it. Good luck in your try.

  5. Thank God you’re back. I dont know, but its becoming a fashion to disappear like that *looks sarcastically*. Brrr… But glad to have you back :D.

  6. Extiinct… no ones trying with studying before blogging.
    umm.subhana..yes YOU are right,some people just vanish all of a sudden.
    I hope I never Vanish and make my readers puzzled.

  7. the case of the break that isnt meant to be 😛

    welcome back ! about blogging b4 studies…hey! dont fight it ! its not like ur gonna blog the whole time….make ur posts – comment on ur fave blogs then go back to studying…and rmr ! 45 mins is the max time the brain can concentrate – after that – it will not register anything – u have to give it a break….so there’s ur solution! u get to do both ! 🙂

    good luck with ur exams….man ! am sooo glad im done with them!

  8. some people are just so lucky.

  9. welcome back! 😀 so you guys had a confetti party already heh

    nahi seriously depress na ho, try balancing studies, blogging, tv etc. everything will be ok 🙂

  10. naaaaa……no pain…no gain….u win some – u lose some…..ok i shut up now:P

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