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I am feeling quite lethargic. My sleep got over at 7 am and I was about to go back to sleep when I forced myself to get up and go turn on the PC.
I dragged myself, checked the e-mails, read blogs and had breakfast.
Took a shower and now sitting at my Dads store writing my blog entry.
For the past couple of days I have been in love with sleep.
Sleeping at 1:00 am and waking up at 6:30 am and then sleeping again from 2:30 pm to 3:55 pm. This love for sleep has undeniably given me another layer of bulge because I have my lunch at 1:30 pm and my dinner at 11:30 pm giving the food time to cover the existing fat deposited in my body. Also, as an added benefit I don’t do any type of physical exercise.

I brought my bag out of the car to study, but I am sure I will be snoring if I manage to take those books out of the bag.
Also for the record, I can get to sleep within 15 minutes of opening my textbook/notebook at a time even when I am feeling completely charged and ready for study. Today it won’t take me longer than 5 minutes to be in Dream Land.

This Just In: “Mrs. Intelligence Agency” will be officially ending her work with us today. She has without notice been absent for 4 days and she has found work some at some other place. GOOD-BYE.

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Author: Hani

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15 thoughts on “MOTAPA

  1. OH uhm..glad to know the spy is gone!
    Well, you lucky git. I only sleep 4 hours a day :(. Bleh!! :@

  2. what prevents you to sleep at night.
    The cold?

  3. Nehi not the cold – we do have heaters you know ;). I’ve just been an insomniac for the past 10 months, so no biggie at all.

  4. aaaaahhhh….sleep……cant rmr the last time i had a decent peaceful sleep 😦 am also one of those light sleepers-cum-insomniacs around.

    during exams, waisey neendh badi aati hai – hai na?

  5. i wonder how the people who don’t sleep 6-7 hours at night survive.

    Exams or no Exams,as soon as the tex book opens the neend comes calling.

  6. as long as u dont have a 9-5 job routine, and u r ur own boss…6-7 to kya….3-4 is more than enuff! and if u get to take naps in btn then its the best life! 🙂

  7. but since I was a smallie I have been sleeping for 6-7 hours a day and I am just addicted to it.

  8. how come we didn’t get any posts about that mrs spy person??

  9. zag…there were two posts in which she was mentioned.

    back in the december even commented on one post but didn’t read the last part I suppose,if you want to read go to the december archive and check out the posts “sales & more” and “the phone I couldn’t get”.

  10. Hani u and I are alike. I’ll sleep at the drop of a hat. And my food intake and sleep patterns are similar which isnt helping with the three tyres around my tummy! LOL

    Even mini ones are a cause for worry.

    Youve conditioned your mind to get knocked out whenever you take a text-book out. Think about studying like blogging. That its something interesting, read it like u read blogs and find reasons to comment. come on, your subjects couldnt be so boring. And you are intelligent which means u can bring in better then those average grades. And im posting one comment for 2 entries

  11. hey, very nice idea watersprite,studying like blogging.
    But I have to study 3 law subjects this year so you know the boredom will come naturally.(similar to the thing, that I don’t read all kinds of blogs).

    You commented on the posts and I liked reading your comments :).

  12. hey law is a great subject. I did business law 101 – and law 201 during college. I had a fantastic professor who made the subject really interesting. he had some great examples and stories.

    Seriously i found the subject really interesting, but didnt pursue it because of religious reasons. So what law are u studying? Maybe I can help. Why do u get bored with it? is it the terms and definitions that cause your eyes to droop?

  13. this year I have
    banking law, business law and company law.

    It’s not the laws that make my eyes droop,it’s the studying.

  14. Okay one way to study law is that get post its or large pieces of paper – right down the main points on them and stick them in your room where u can look at them every day. Like definitions and terms. Then since your dad has a store, he deals with suppliers, customers, etc apply thosse terms definitions to cases that happen at work. This is applicable to business law, company law. You could go visit your dad’s banker and talk to him about banking law. When u have real-life examples its really easy to rmr during the exam. And it becomes interesting. When u work at the store, mentally think of ways you can sue the suppliers, manufactures or how customers can sue you and apply those definitions or terms to them. Go refer back to the books when its absolutely necessary.

    Try it – if u know the definitions, terms – they can be easily applied. Doesnt matter what country law u are studying. Apply it to real life.

  15. hey thanks for the tips.
    In short, I just need to take the theory into practice!!

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