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Dingle Days by Hani Arif.



Author: Hani

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25 thoughts on “Dingle Days by Hani Arif.

  1. LOL!! Muahaha aala (Y). This one is fwunny!! *dies laughing*

  2. ok I’m a tube light, I don’t get the keera nightly part :s

  3. gotta get up!

    Mayya: ever heard of an actress called keira knightley?

  4. hey….. for some reason, i don’t get any images with this anony thingi hence i dont get dingle days!! 😦

    maybe that is the real reason for the blogspot block in pak, they wanted to block DD and now they have……

  5. oh zag that’s really sad….

    did they really block blogspot just for this reason, those %^*#@ ,Iam going to kill them!!!

    oh by the way this dingle days was almost dedicated to you.

  6. *resurrects*

    Main uth gayeee bhaiyya!!! LOL :P.

  7. even i cant see anything 😦

    “oh by the way this dingle days was almost dedicated to you”

    yaaar hani ! now i seriously have to see this !!

  8. really…. and i m the one who can’t see it!!! Thats not fair!!! 😦

  9. okay, i’ve read it now…. and since it was almost dedicated to me, i DEMAND to know who is SAIRA!!!!! 😛

  10. I haven’t heard of that actress, maybe thats why I didn’t get it in the first place :p
    oh well doesn’t matter!

  11. Mayya: I think she was in Pirates of the Caribbean….

  12. This post has been removed by the author.

  13. hani iam backkkkkk……ban on blogs is still going on(most of the isp have blocked the site) but i turned on my CID mode after my midterm and here is the result(no more access denied)
    Now GOP(government of pak) can kiss my ass.

    BTW nice one again.(D- days):)))

    Any one needs help in accessing this site can contact me.

  14. zag:one dingle is you and one dingle is mrs. zag.
    and instead of keira it will be J.Lo.

    Mayya: heard of a movie called bend it like beckham?
    Know it’s cast?

    Mohsin: show some respect man!The government of Pakistan is still much better than Uae when it comes to online material accessability.Can you imagine, it strives to be an international city blocking websites,which have no reason to be blocked.

  15. yeah I’ve seen bent it like beckham but don’t know the actors/actresses actual names..
    but I get it now 🙂

  16. Hani: Yeah, Jlo’d be it yaar….. keira is almost as earth was in days of yore 😉

  17. Hani: Yeah, Jlo’d be it yaar….. keira is almost as earth was in days of yore 😉

  18. aaammm….
    i dont get it…..
    anybody up for translation….
    plzz need some translation…..

  19. zag:Iam no keira fan,she was just used up as in the joke,but Iam sure she has many fans out there.

    khawab:Iam not up for translation,
    mayya, zag,subhana, mohsin, anyone?
    but what’s with the crossed out skier?

  20. LOL – Poor Keira, she definitely doesnt have anything on the lovely Saira.

    Excellent- loved it!

    (my brother doesnt like keira – says there is something weird about her face…lol)

  21. my readers don’t have a knack for keira , see zag and mayya for example.Me too.

  22. its her teeth and the way she eats up her words when she mouths that heavily brit accent of hers (kiera of course!) – well…at least thats why i cant stand her!

    yaar ! how do i get to see this dingle days? damn blocked blogger! damn those pta’s!

  23. Umm, it looks like you won’t be able to see any dingle days in the future either, just imagine the missed laughter.

  24. aaahahahahahahaa! i got the keera kaat-ing roz raat ko = keira knightly….hehehe…but what i dont get is….where does zag come into all this?? since u sed its almost dedicated to him!
    gawd! am so late here na?:P

    good one nevertheless! keep it up!

  25. i meant it in a way that zag with his j.lo infested thoughts will say the same thing to mrs.zag and mrs.zag will teach him a lesson.
    but even you didn’t attend the j.lo sessions @ zag, so I guess you wouldn’t know that either.

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